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The eye is a ________ organ



What is the scelera? What is a function of the scelera?

(i) A tough milky coloured layer. (ii) Protects the eye.


What is the cornea? What is a function of the cornea?

(i) a transparent section of the covering of the eye.
(ii) to allow light to pass into the eye.


What is the pupil? What is a function of the pupil?
(Why is it the colour it is?)

(i) A hole in the iris that looks black.
(ii) It allows light into the eye.
No light is reflected out of the pupil.


What is the iris? What is a function of the iris.

The coloured part at the front of the eye.
It controls how much light enters the eye.


What is the lens? What is a function of the lens?

A flexible structure just behind the pupil and the iris.
It focuses light onto the retina in the back of the eye.


What is the retina? What is a function of the retina?

A light sensitive layer at the back of the eye.
The retina detects light.


What changes occur in the pupil due to light changes.

In bright light the iris expands and the pupil gets smaller to allow less light into the eye.
In dim light the iris contracts and the the pupil gets bigger to allow more light into the eye.


What is the ciliary muscle? What is a function of the ciliary muscle?

The muscle surrounding the lense.
It controls the shape of the lens and holds it in place.


What is the optic nerve? What is a function of the optic nerve?

The link between the eye and the central nervous system.
It brings messages to the brain.


look at the eye and name the parts.

do it now i say