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What are the 5 categories in the Harvard business Project?

1. Jurisdiction
2. Capable governing institutions
3. Cultural match
4. Strategic orientation
5. Public-spirited leadership


What are some important areas in jurisdiction?

Taxation, civil law, criminal law, governmental form, law making and legislation, membership criteria, business permitting and regulation, control of cultural and religious affairs, use of natural resources.


Why is governing so important?

It is import at to establish and enforce the rules by which communities and their citizens organize action, cooperate, and intact with each other and with outsiders.


Who are the investors of a nation?

The bank, any non-aboriginal entrepreneurs waiting to set up a joint venture, and a nation citizen because they are the ones thinking of creating a new venture.


What are the two key tests to run for a capable institution?

1. Leadership and managerial effectiveness
2. Preventing political piracy


What is cultural match?

Governing institutions match community beliefs about how authority should be organized.


What are the key strategic questions to ask of a nation?

What kind of society do you wish to build?
What do you hope to be different in the future?
What do you wish to protect?
What do you want to change?
What are your assets?
Neat makes sense to the community at large?


What is "good" government?

One that solves nations challenges, promotes interests of the community, ones that hold the community together, one that matches the communities culture and work.


What two tests does the organization of government have to pass?

Cultural match and effectiveness of strategy


When looking at a government structure what questions should you ask yourself?

Can they make decisions?
Will they implement their decisions?
That they solve disputes?
Can they deal with outside authorities?
Will they address the current challenges?


What are the keys to nation building in an indigenous country?

Indigenous nations that are successful on their own terms had strong leadership to assert the right to govern themselves and exercise that right effectively by building Capable governing institutions that match their cultures


Is the Harvard business project the same as the nation-building approach to economic development the same?