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Why did they not sign treaty?

They were told that since they fought with the Americans then would sign their treaties, then they never did


Where is whitecap?

26km south of Saskatoon,
4813 acres, very small because they aren't ready treaty


What is whitecaps economic motivation?

Economic development
Revenue generation
Employment opportunity
Improved quality of life
Participation in regional economy


What is whitecaps economic development statement?

"To create an economically self-sustaining community with financially independent members by efficiently using economic tools that maximize our resources, respect our Dakota culture, and protect the environment"


What are the key factors of success, supported by whitecap?

Strong leadership and vision
Strategic community development plans
Access to capital and management expertise
Good governance and management
Transparency and accountability
Positive interplay of business and politics


What is whitecaps business development approach?

1. Claim jurisdiction
2. Build capable institutions
3. Identify strategic priorities / concerns
4. Craft development Policies
5. Choose projects
6. Implement them


What rules are applied on reserve?

Federal government, provincial government, municipal government, and First Nations government


What legislation, laws, and policies does whitecap use?

First Nation land management act
Whitecap Dakota First Nation land code
Development servicing agreements policy
Business licensing bylaw
Environment management agreement
self government agreement


What tax jurisdiction does whitecap use?.

Real property tax, whitecap community improvement fee (WCIF) , white cap liquor consumption fee (WLCF) , and provincial fuel and tobacco tax agreement


How does whitecap use their land?

They used land planning, zoning, development standards, building standards, and set aside 1,000 acres for commercial use


How does land leasing work?

Up to 99 years commercially, 99 year residential, lease renewal formula in place, traditional Mortgage lending, and there is a land registry


What is whitecaps current infrastructure?

Water distribution, sewage collection, storm water collection, access to roads, expanded natural gas, expanded telecommunications, three phase power, high speed internet


Whitecap has what partnerships?

Government of Canada, province of Saskatchewan, city of Saskatoon, Saskatoon and area business associations, Saskatoon health region, Saskatoon public schools


What financing relationships does whitecap have?

Peace hills trust, CIBC, BMO, CHMC, First Nations bank, affinity credit union, concentra financial


What did whitecap do to get a highway built?

Went to the government, and surrounding communities to get the road started, did wheel and deal to get it done


Is whitecap a treaty FN?



What does whitecap use as business development criteria?

Profitability, employment creation, location, investment requirements, community impacts, financial risk, management capacity, partnership potential


What businesses does whitecap have going for them?

Dakota dunes golf, Dakota dunes casino, Dakota dunes hotel, residential, future business park, commercial real estate, industrial services,


Where does whitecap primarily get its revenues from?

Land leases, property tax, consumption fees, utility payments, business profits


What has whitecap done in terms of economic impact?

100 million capital investments, 670 jobs created ( more than population), 90 million one annual revenue, 1 million annual tourist visits


What has been whitecaps targeted results?

Sustainable self-governance, responsible land use, employment opportunities, improve quality-of-life for residents, participation in the regional economy.