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What is the heart made of?

Cardiac muscle to keep beating for a whole life time


Explain how the heart works?

It is a double pump squeezing blood around the body and to the lungs
Right side pumps blood to lungs to pick up oxygen
Left side pumps to the rest of the body


What are the parts of the heart?

It contains two sides
Each side has a chamber called an atrium and a ventricle
Right side contains pulmonary artery, vena cava, right atrium and right ventricle
Left side contains pulmonary vein, aorta, left atrium and left ventricle
Valves to ensure blood goes in the right direction


How does the heart work?

Deoxygenated blood enters the vena cava
Blood enters right atrium which contracts to pump through the right ventricle which contracts to push blood out through pulmonary artery to lungs
Oxygenated blood enters the pulmonary vein into left atrium
Atrium contracts pushing blood to left ventricle
Ventricle contracts pushing blood through aorta
Then the whole process starts again


What are arteries?

Arteries carry blood away from the body from the heart
High pressure
Oxygenated blood to save pulmonary artery
Three layer walls, thin tough outer layer, thick muscular middle layer, thin inner layer of cells
Small lumen
No valves


What are veins?

Carry blood to heart
Deoxygenated blood to save pulmonary vein
Low pressure
Three layer thinner flexible walls, thick tough outer layer, muscular middle layer, thin inner layer of cells
Large lumen
No pulse


What are capillaries?

Penetrate all tissues
Very narrow one cell thick
Allows transport of oxygen into cells
Allows waste out of cells


What are blood vessels?

Blood vessels carry blood to the cells of your body.
There are 3 types


What is blood?

Blood is a tissue
Blood is what carries oxygen and glucose to the cells of the body and carries the carbon dioxide to the lungs to remove it
It consists of a fluid called plasma in which red blood cells, white blood cells (and platelets) are suspended


What are the components of blood?

Red blood cells
White blood cells


What is the role and composition of red blood cells?

Carry oxygen around the body
Contains nucleus and haemoglobin
Large surface area


What is the role details of white blood cells?

Protect body against infection, disease and foreign invaders
Contains phagocytes that engulf microorganisms
Contains Lymphocytes that clump phagocytes together


What is the role and details of platelets?

Helps blood to clot a wound
Prevents blood loss
Stops microorganisms getting into the blood stream


What is the role and detail of plasma?

Plasma is the liquid part of the blood
Carries all different types of cell contained in the blood
Transports glucose, amino acids and carbon dioxide
Carries urea from liver to kidneys


Summarise the circulatory system?

The circulatory system transports substances around the body
They go into the cells
Waste comes out of the cells and the circulatory system removes them