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which muscle creates flexion?

the hamstring


which muscle creates extension when it flexes?



which muscles are in the knee?

hamstring, quadriceps, and gastroc


what is another name for the kneecap?



what are 3 things you look for when an athlete says they have a knee injury?

-Loss of ROM


what does the anterior drawer test test for?

ACL tear


what is the anterior drawer test?

having athlete lay on back with injured leg flexed and foot flat on table. wrap hands around tibia below patella pull at you
if the test is positive the ACL will slide towards you


what does the apprehension ACL test test for?

ACL tear


what is the apprehension ACL test?

athlete on stomach flex injured knee. place one hand over inferior hamstring the other hand around the ankle pull up ankle and twist
if the test is positive the foot will rotate more than normal


what are the two tests to check for ACL damage?

Anterior drawer
Apprehension ACL


what are the two cartilage tests?

mcmurrays test
apprehension cartilage


what does the mcmurrays test test for?

torn cartilage


what is the mcmurrays test?

on back. place one hand on lateral side of knee and the other around the bottom of the foot. push knee towards chest and rotate in a clockwise patttern
if the test is positive you will feel popping or clicking in the knee


what does the apprehension cartilage test test for?

torn cartilage


what is the apprehension cartilage test?

on stomach. flex injured leg up. push down on bottom of foot and twist
if the test is positive grinding or popping felt up into hand


what are the two collateral tests?

Valgus stress test and the Varus stress test


what does the Valgus Stress test test for?

MCL tear/damage


what does the Varus Stress test test for?

LCL tear/ damage


what is the Valgus stress test?

on back. have injured knee slightly bent. place one hand around ankle and the other on lateral side of knee. pull ankle hand and push with knee hand
if test is positive the knee will buckle in with a clunk while returning


what is the Varus stress test?

on back. same as valgus stress except you will be putting one hand on the medial side of the knee
if test is positive the knee will buckle out with a clunk while returning


an unhappy triad involves injury to what structures?

A sprained ACL, MCL and Cartilage


what special tests can be done on an athlete with an unhappy triad? (there are 6)

-Anterior Drawer
-Apprehension ACL
-Mcmurrays test
-Apprehension Cartilage
-Valgus stress test
-Varus stress test


an athlete comes to you complaining of pain right below the patella. there is a bump located there and it hurts when he runs, jumps, or sits cross-legged. what condition might the athlete have? when does this condition usually occur?

Patellar dislocation. This usually occurs when there has been a twist of the knee or a direct blow


an athlete twists her right knee and hears a pop. what structure might be damaged and what special tests can be done to check this structure?

the MCL or LCL could be damaged. the tests you can use are the valgus stress test and the varus stress test


the intention of knee rehabilitation is to what?

Increase ROM & Strength
Decrease swelling


what two range of motion excersizes used during level one rehabilitation?

heel slides & towel stretch


what can an athlete do during level one rehabilitation to strengthen the muscles around the knee?

Quad Sets


what releases an athlete back to playing sports after an ACL reconstruction?

85% ROM


what part of the knee provides shock absorption?



what types of excersizes are done during the last stage of rehabilitation of an ACL surgery?

sports specific exercises