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What is Dr. Strawn's "diagnosis" of the dying Old Testament?

For many contemporary Christians, the Old Testament has ceased to function in healthy ways in their lives as authoritative, canonical literature. 


What are the two assertions Dr. Strawn makes as part of his linguistic analogy for the Old Testament?

1. The OT is like a language in that it is a kind of grammar for constructing, perceiving, and understanding the world. 

2. Just like a language, the OT can be learned well and spoken fluently, or it is not learned well and can be mispronounced or lost altogether. 


What 2 implications did Dr. Strawn make from Hauerwas' assertion that clergy do not do enough to empower Christians to learn the language of their faith?

1. What we speak natively is not the language of our faith

2. The language of our faith is an acquired language


In what three ways do language change, giving insight into how our use of the Old Testament as part of our faith language changes?

1. Languages change (in use, ex. Lazy Mouth Syndrome)

2. Languages change over time

3. Languages change by contact