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How did France Get There money?

Private Funds (Bonds or Stocks) people invested in. The cost of each bond was to much and when they finished the government would only just break even. (NOT ENOUGH FUNDING)


What kind of Canal did the French want to Build?

The French wanted to build a sea level canal. The reason this did not work was because there was not enough water, the panama canal was built in a rain forest and there's was not. (Methodology)


Did The French Conquire the Enviornment?

No, they did not understand the consequesnces of building where they were building, or have a cure for sicknesses or any idea of how to prevent animals from showing up (Never conquired there envorinment)


Did the French Have The Correct Form Of Technology

The french did not have the advanced enough technology to build their canal (including medical science)


Who Funded America?

The Government


What was the Methodology used in Americas Canal?

Used a lock and chamber technique


Did the United States have a good understanding of Their enviornment?



What kind of Technology did America Have?

More developed Technology than France


What was the Hay-Bunau-Varilla-Treaty?

Established the canal zone and our right to build, opperate, and defend the canal. In return we gave Panama a new country, rent and down payment.


What is the 1977 Canal Treaties and the 1999 Canal Transfer

Transfer Sovereignty, but still left us the right to protect the canal