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What were the causes of the peasants revolt?

Brampton was demanding higher tax
They didn't like the idea that the rich were benefitting from their hard work
They wanted higher wages
They thought that all man should be free and deserved to be treated with equality
They didn't like the people who were ruling England


What were the main events of the revolt?

Watt Tyler was made rebel leader
John ball was hung drawn and quartered
The rebels burnt down the duke of lancaster's house
The rebels attacked the duke of lancaster's palace
The king met with the rebels
Watt Tyler was killed


Who killed watt Tyler ? And what did he do ?

He spat and the Mayor killed him


Where and when did the king meet with the peasants ?

They met at Smithfield on the 15th of June


How old was Edward and why did the peasants think it was an advantage for them ?

The king was 14 years old