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Pectoralis minor
O? I? Nerve? Action?

O= ribs (3-5)
I= coracoid
Nerve= medial pectoral nerve
Action= depresses and protracts scapula


What is a good landmark of pec minor and pecmajor

The medial pectoral nerve runs through pec minor (innervates it) to pec major. therefore this connecting nerve can be a useful landmark


What is saturday night palsy?

When you full asleep with your arm full abducted, the neurovascular bundle is stretched and compressed under the coracoid process. This can cause numbness in the morning.


What part of Pectoralis Major is often damaged?

The sternocostal head. with excessive load, (excessive gymming) this can rupture.


Serratus anterior
O? I? Nerve? Action?

O= lateral anterior surface of ribs
I=medialborder of scapula
Nerve= Long thoracic nerve
Action= Protracts, depresses (and some lower fibres sup rotate) scapula


What is clinically important about the long thoracic nerve (supples serratus anterior)

It runs along top of serratus, with a axillary lymph node. during a maesectomy, you can damage this nerve, leading to a winged scapula.