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Some of the key figures in Buddhism were/are

*Ashoka, *Vasubhandu, *Sister Dhammadinna, *Guru Rinpoche, *The 14th dalai lama and *the panchem lama


Ashoka: remembered as?

great model of Buddhism and powerful advocate for its spread and influence.


Ashoka: he put energies into?

more spiritual battles, especially in effort to increase influence of Buddhism.


Ashoka: engaged in?

journeys to Buddhism’s most holy sites such as birth place of Buddha at Lumbini – placed scared symbol that would mark place for its significance



notable as model Buddhist due to his superior intellect and his compassion for humanity. Often referred as “second Buddha”.


Sister Dhammadinna: who was she?

First Buddhist nun in Australia, helping establish Buddhism in Australia


Sister Dhammadinna: what did strive for and what did she establish?

. Strive for gender equality in Buddhism. Established Buddhist Society of NSW – most influetntial Buddhist society in Aus


Guru Rinpoche: reputation?

for great scholarship and skills in meditation


Guru Rinpoche: referred to as?

Buddha of then, now and future– had knowledge of all times


Guru Rinpoche: significance?

Could see ahead to all problems that would beset individual Buddhists in their lives, as well as global strife od Tibetan Buddhism, constantly referred to for guidance and wisdom.


The 14th Dalai Lama: worked for?

for peace, voice in world events, functioned as source of wisdom and spiritual figure, travelled widely promoting goodwill among people.


The 14th Dalai Lama: recieved and for what?

Received Nobel Peace Prize for his work, including confronting many forms of violence, advocating peace and non-violence as only way to make world better place.