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What is the naturalist position on the soul?

- no soul or spirit
- we evolved through genetic mutations- little difference to animals
- no afterlife
- as humans we make our own purpose
- morality is a human concept


What is the spiritual position on the soul?

- soul is separate from physical body
- it brings you close to god and gives free will- not determined by physical laws
- suggests afterlife
- morality is part of the soul


What is the pantheistic view of the soul?

God and spirit are in the whole of nature and evil is ignorance. The soul encompasses everything.


What is the polytheistic view of the soul?

There are spirits in everything that controls all- evil spirit


What is Descartes view on the soul?

Soul is consciousness- only thing he can believe is real, as he is aware of it


What is Plato’s view on the soul?

Soul is resident in the body and tries to control desires. The soul is rational and the body is bad. Soul is 3 parts: appetites, spirit and mind


What is Aristotle’s view on the soul?

Soul is part of a person, performs function of life