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First day of Creation

On the first day, G-d created light, and called it day. G-d separated light (day) from darkness (night)


Second day of creation

On the second day, G-d created the sky.


Third day of creation

On the third day, G-d created land, and on that land, there was vegetation


Fourth day of creation

On the fourth day, G-d created the sun and the moon (a ‘great light’ and a ‘lesser light’) and time frames (days, weeks, years)


Fifth day of Creation

On the fifth day, G-d created sea creatures and birds


Six day of Creation

On the sixth day, G-d created livestock and wild animals, and G-d also created mankind in his image, and told them that they can eat from any tree, they can go wherever they please


Seventh day of creation

On the seventh day, G-d rested


The call of Moses (4)

Moses was tending to his flock in Jericho, when he saw a burning bush, and decided to go towards it
The G-d of Abraham and Jacob said to Moses that (after Moses had knelt and prayed in front of Him) it wanted the Israelites to be led out of Egypt to the land of milk and honey
G-d said (after Moses questioned whether he was the right man to do this job) that he would always be with Moses
G-d sent Moses away to do his bidding


Passover 6

Moses sent nine plagues (Blood, boils, hail, locusts, flies, livestock, darkness, frogs, lice) but the pharaoh still refused to let the Israelites go free
So, G-d sent the final plague: The death of the firstborn
Moses told all the Israelites that they would have to sacrifice a lamb, and put the blood on their door
The Israelites also had to make bread, purely out of yeast, and as they had little time the bread couldn’t rise
The angel of death that night would kill every first born that didn’t have lambs' blood on their door
The pharaoh after the Passover let the Israelites go


Crossing of the sea 5

After he let the Israelites go, pharaoh changed his mind and ordered his men to go after Moses
They caught up with him quickly, just as they had reached a large body of water
Moses asked for help from G-d and G-d told Moses to raise his staff and his hand
Moses did so and the waves parted, letting the Israelites through
The Egyptians were close behind though, but Moses stretched his hand over the sea and it swallowed the Egyptians


Elijah at Zarephath up to death of son 4

G-d told Elijah to go to Zarephath
There Elijah asked the widow for water and bread
The woman said she only had a small amount of flour and oil
Elijah told the woman that the flour and oil would not run out for G-d had blessed it, thus there was food every day for the woman and her son


End of Elijah at Zarephath (from death to end) 4

However, the woman’s son over time became very ill, and eventually died
The woman shouted in despair that G-d was punishing her for her past sins
Elijah took the son to a bedroom, said a prayer to G-d and the son was revived
The widow now believed in G-d


Elijah at Carmel 8

G-d asked Elijah to bring all the prophets (450) of Baal to eat at Jezebel’s table
Elijah offered a challenge: The prophets of Baal would (like Elijah) take a bull cut it up and put it on wood. Then both sides would offer prayers, and whichever God responded by lighting the wood, is the true God
This challenge was to see which the real God was
The prophets agreed, and started to pray, and chant, but nothing happened
Even after Elijah taunted them, and the prophets slashed each other with swords, nothing happened
After a long time, Elijah ordered what was left of the prophets to come to him with four jars of water to pour on the offering
Elijah said a prayer after they had done his wishes, and G-d struck fire onto the wood
The prophets of Baal now believed in G-d


The Transfiguration 5

Jesus took Peter, James and John to the top of a mountain
There Jesus’ clothes changed to a dazzling white, and Elijah and Moses appeared, and they started talking to Jesus
Then G-d appeared in a cloud and said: ‘This is my son, who I love. Listen to him!’
Peter went to put up tents for Elijah, Moses and Jesus, but Moses and Elijah disappeared
Jesus told the disciples not to tell anyone until the Son of Man had risen from the grave


Paralysed Man 6

A large crowd gathered around Jesus when he was in Capernaum
He preached to them, but some men came, carrying a paralysed man
Jesus said to the man son your sins are forgiven, much to the teachers of the law’s irritation
Jesus was annoyed and said that he had the authority to forgive sins
He said ‘What is easier to say. Your sins are forgiven, or take your mat and walk?’ Jesus said to the man, ‘Go, take your man and walk.’
The paralysed man found he could


The Calming of the Storm 5

Jesus said to his disciples that they should take him across the bay in a boat
As they did this, Jesus fell asleep, but when the storm came, the disciples woke him up and told him they didn’t know what to do
Jesus told the waves to be still and they were
Jesus asked his disciples: ‘Do you have no faith?’
The disciples were in wonderment


Feeding of The 5,000 (4)

Yet again, a crowd of thousands gathered around Jesus to hear him preach
However, later that day, the disciples realised the crowd was getting hungry and all they had were five pieces of bread and two fish
Jesus took the bread, gave thanks, and broke the bread
They now had enough food to feed the people


The Crucifixion 7

They took Jesus to Golgotha, and offered him wine, but he didn’t take it, they also cast lots to see who would get his clothes
They put a sign on him which read: ‘King of the Jews’
Many mocked him, as they put him, along with two other rebels on a cross
At noon, Jesus said: ‘My lord, my lord, why have you forsaken me?’
Men near him heard that he was calling Elijah, and offered him water to see if Elijah would take him
After they did this, Jesus died
The men realised he was the son of G-d


The resurrection 4

Jesus had been revived, and had appeared to all disciples (and Mary) but not Thomas
Thomas was with the disciples, and still was arguing his case (saying that unless he saw the nail marks, he would not believe) when Jesus appeared
Jesus said that Thomas should stop doubting and believe, and that he could feel the nail marks
Thomas believed and Jesus said, ‘those who believe but do not see are blessed’