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Garden of Eden 4

G-d created the Garden of Eden to be a paradise, but he needed someone in control over the animals and to represent Himself on Earth.
G-d creates Adam from dust and creates him in his image, and G-d tells Adam not to eat from the tree of knowledge
G-d realises Adam needs a companion. He creates Eve from one of Adam’s ribs.
Had everything perfect, but temptation from the serpent led to greed and regret. Eve is impatient, Adam is unsure.


Eating da appleeeee 4

G-d leaves Adam and Eve in the Garden
A serpent goes to Eve and says (after Eve tells him that they can eat from any tree apart from the tree of knowledge): ‘G-d lied! He knows if you eat the fruit you will be as powerful as him!’
Eve was convinced and ate the fruit and gave it to Adam
When G-d realises what they’ve done He banishes them from the garden


Cain and Abel 6

Outside the Garden, Eve gives birth to two boys.
Eve tells them to each offer something to G-d.
When Cain gives fruit to G-d and Abel gives meat, G-d likes Abel’s more.
Cain kills Abel from jealousy and lies to g-d. “Am I my brother’s keeper”.
Cain acts with bad motives and Abel is innocent.
Abel is spared by G-d but cast away from Adam and Eve


Abraham's Test 3

G-d tests Abraham’s faith by asking him to kill Isaac, his son.
He takes him up to alter and is hesitates. “Religious people should always do what G-d tells them, even if they don’t understand”.
Abraham is about to sacrifice Isaac when an angel appeared, and G-d stopped him. G-d promised him that if he spreads his family, he will receive a land and a nation.


David meeting Bathsheba 1

David sees Bathsheba bathing and sleeps with her. He finds out that he impregnates her.


The Bathsheba cover-up 3

He then orders Uriah the Hittite to sleep with her to cover it up.
Uriah disobeys and sleeps by the door.
Then David sends Uriah into the front lines of war for him to die and for David to marry Bathsheba.


Nathan's mission 7

G-d sent Nathan to David to make him just.
He told him of a story of a wealthy man and a poor man. The rich man had plenty of sheep, but the poor man had one beloved lamb.
A man comes to the wealthy one seeking hospitality and the rich man serves him the poor man’s lamb.
David was outraged and said that this man should be punished.
David realises that man is him and that he has sinned severely
God struck David’s child and David acted humbler. David also had another son with Bathsheba
God now loved David


Good Samaritan 8

A lawyer said to Jesus: ‘What must I do to inherit eternal life?’
Jesus replied: ‘What is written in the law, how do you read it?’
The lawyer tells him: ‘Love G-d with all your heart and love your neighbour as yourself.’ Jesus tells him this is correct.
But the scholar asks: ‘Who is my neighbour?’
Jesus begins: ‘A man was travelling from Jerusalem to Jericho, when a gang of robbers beat him, took his clothes and left him half-dead.
A priest and a Levite passed the man but didn’t help him.
Then, a Samaritan came, and helped the man. He gave him food, water and clothes, and he tended to his wounds. He took the man to an inn and gave the innkeeper money and told him to look after him.’
Jesus asks: ‘Who was the neighbour to the man, who cared for him?’ The scholar said: ‘The one who helped the man.’ Jesus said: ‘Go and do likewise.’


Lost son 7

A rich man had two sons. The first son asked if he could have his share of the inheritance now, and the father gave it to him
The son squandered all his wealth in a far-off country
He ran out of money and there was a famine in that country, so, as he was so desperate, ate pig's food
When he came to his senses, he realised he should just say to his father that he sinned, but he would work for him to make up for it
His father saw him as he was returning home, and before the son could say what he wanted to say to his father, his father told his servants to give him the best robes, a wash, and to throw a massive party
The second son was furious and said: ‘All these years I have worked for you, and you have never thrown a party for me, but why when my sinning brother returns you throw him a party?’
The father says: ‘Everything I have is yours, but your brother was lost and now is found, so we should celebrate.’


Call of the disciples 5

Jesus met some sailors and told them to take him in his boat away from shore
Jesus said to put their nets into the deep, although the sailors said there was no fish there
When the men did this though, they caught so much fish the boat nearly sank
Simon said that he was a sinful man, but Jesus said don’t be afraid
The men dropped their possessions and followed Jesus


The rich young man 5

A rich man came to Jesus and said that he wanted eternal life
Jesus replied that he would have to give all his possessions to the poor
The man walked away in disappointment
Jesus said that it is harder for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven
Jesus reassured his disciples that G-d would reward them