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PRO-Integrative approaches have been used for over 50 years by counseling psychology

Carkuff (1960)


PRO-flexible repertoire of relationship styles and pertinent techniques appear to enhance treatment outcomes

Lazarus, 1993


PRO-Most experts agree that successful counseling involves tailoring treatment to client, therapist, and setting

Day, 2004


PRO-Majority of English-speaking practitioners consider themselves to be integrationists/eclectic

Prochaska & Norcross, 2003; Jensen et al., 1990


PRO-All theories have gaps, integration helps to fill these holes

Prochaska & Norcross, 2007


PRO-Theories need to be comprehensive and adaptive to diverse settings

Sharf, 2004


PRO-Rigid adherence to single theory, while proven effective for many therapies, may not be maximally effective for all clients

Kazdin, 1984; Wampold, 2001


AGAINST-Theories should be parsimonious and have as few assumptions as possible

Sharf, 2004


AGAINST--No consistent rationale for tx planning, assessment, interventions, or testing

Lazarus & Beutler, 1993


AGAINST-Integrated theories are likely to still be subject to same criticisms of the theories from which they borrow

Sharf, 2004


AGAINST-Some claim that no true theoretical integration has been achieved

Lazarus, 1996


Eclectic therapists ask the famous question posed by Gordon Paul: “What treatment, by whom, is most effective for this individual with that specific problem, under which set of circumstances, and how does it come about?”

Paul, 1967


Systematic Treatment Selection (STS) is a research-based, technically eclectic system that does guide us at “choice points

Beutler et al., 2002


8 routes to theoretical integration -- citation

Brooks-Harris (2007)


what are the 8 routes to therepeutic integration?

common factors, technical eclecticism,
theoretical synthesis, multitheoretical framework,
assimilative integration, thematic models,
helping skills,
personal integration (own belief system)


One example of integrating theories is Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) -- a combination of cognitive and psychoanalytic. What's a citation for this?

Ryle, 1998; Denman, 2001


The critical working hypothesis serves as a bridge between theory and _________________

Practice (Hansen & Freimuth, 1997)


What are the 7 levels that clinicians must consider in their theoretical orientation?

Hansen & Freimuth, 1997
1. Assumptive world
2. School of thought
3. Theory
4. Theorist
5. Working hypothesis
6. Strategy
7. Technique


What is the citation for the Handbook of Psychotherapy?

Lambert (2004) updated version of Bergin & Garfield


What is the definition of psychotherapy?

“the informed and intentional application of clinical methods and interpersonal stances derived from established psychological principles for the purpose of assisting people to modify their behaviors, cognitions, emotions, and/or other personal characteristics in directions that the participants deem desirable”
(Prochaska & Norcross, 2007)