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Who created Ethos, Pathos, and Logos and why?

Aristotle, he defined them as how the speaker can inspire confidence and trust in the audience.



Ethos demonstrates character. If the audience respects the speaker, we are more inclined to believe what they have to say.

-speaker needs to show experience, authority, anda firm moral compass to inspire.



a dimension of a speech that puts the audience into a certain frame of mind. It is the ability to stire emotions, to draw the audience into what the speaker is feeling and imagining.
the audience can identify with the speaker



The proof or apparent proof provided by words themselves. The power to prove truth through persuasive argument.


Nancy Duarte says that a speaker shouldn't be an audiences hero, but at _____?

Mentor. They have gone through a journey in order to help others.


monomyth-Joseph Campbell

the concept that underlying all major religions and myths is a consistent plot line that the founders or heroes follow.