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most speeches can be classified as belong to one of three types;

1. prepared
2. spontaneous
3. extemporaneous


prepared speeches

are thoroughly organized and written out

can be read off a page or telepromoter


spontaneous speeched

are "off the cuff"

the speaker will now the vague terms where to go, but the content is often made up on the sport


extemporaneous speeches

are organized, but they allow the speaker to play with the material creatively and to adapt to the moment.


trigger sheets

sheets that can be us in an extemporaneous speech
guiding ideas, in minimal words or images that allow the speaker to talk freely.


verbal signposing

a term used for those cues that allow an audience to know where the speaker is in the speech, it is vitally important for a potentially bored audience, in ways parallel to the cures given in a written essay that let the reader appreciate the development of the discussion.



consists of setting out clearly what is going to be talked about
good preview is like a theses.


changes in direction

transitional positional words and phrases let the audience know clearly where logic is in play.

state what you have finished and what you are starting.



bring the audience through a recap of all the key points that have been discussed.