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Where do ribs articulate?

At their heads and tubercles (=costovertebral joints).


What number of ribs articulate with the sternum? What number articulates elsewhere?

The upper seven articulate with the sternum
The next three articulate with each other
The last two lie free.


Describe the joints at the head of the ribs

Two articular facets - the lower articulates with the vertebrae of, the upper to the vertebrae above. The ridge between articulates with the intervertebral disc.


What reinforces joints at the head of the ribs?

A three-pronged radiate ligament which lies anteriorly for reinforcement


What ribs have joints at the head of ribs that differ from the norm?

The first rib articulates with T1 only, and ribs 11 and 12 also articulate with their own vertebrae.


How else are joints at the tubercles known? How many facets?

Costrotransverse joints with typically two facets.


What two facets do costotransverse joints have? What do there articulate with?

A medial facet which articulates with a facet near the tip of the transverse process - this is a small synovial joint.
A lateral facet that gives attachment to the lateral costotransverse ligament


Where does the lateral costotransverse ligament run?

From the lateral facet to the transverse process


Where does the costotransverse ligament run?

From the back of the neck of the rib and the front of the transverse process


Where does the superior costotransverse ligament run?

From the crest of the rib to the undersurface of the transverse process above


List the joints of the ribs

Joints at the head of ribs
Costochondral joints
Interchondral joints
Sternochondral joints


Describe a costochondral joint.

Each rib makes a primary cartilaginous joint with its costal cartilage. This is a deep concave-convex joint


Describe an interchondral joint. Where are these found?

Ribs 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 are joined together by small synovial joints


Describe a sternochondral joint. Where are these found? What type of joint is this?

Rib one articulates with the manubrium with a primary cartilaginous joint. These move to ether as one and give increased stability.
Ribs 2-7 articulate with the sternum by a synovial joint.


Describe the manubriosternal joint

This contains an intervening disc of firbrocartilage that is 2-cartilagenous, and rarely ossifies.


Describe the xiphisternal joint

This is a fibrocartilagenous dis between covered surfaces.