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What general rule of thumb does the course of the vagus nerves follow?

They try to reach the midline and move posteriorly (c.f. phrenic)


What is the right vagus nerve in contact with?

The trachea


What holds the left vagus nerve away from the midline?

The great arteries. Crosses the aortic arch MEDIAL to the superior intercostal vein c.f. phrenic.


In the thoracic cavity, each vagus nerve passes down behind what? Supplies what at this point?

Behind each lung root, and give off a large supply to the pulmonary plexus.


After contributing to the pulmonary plexus, where do the vagus nerves pass?

To the oesophageal plexus where they mix in the midline.


What nerves are branches of the vagus?

The right and left recurrent laryngeal nerves


Where is the right recurrent laryngeal nerve given off?

At the neck root around the right subclavian artery


Where is the left recurrent laryngeal nerve given off?

?Given off by hooking around the left atrium, then ascends in the trachea-oesophageal groove


What to the recurrent laryngeal nerves supply?

Both supply the whole trachea, and adjacent oesophagus, larynx and thyroid.