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How should we study the church fathers?

They must be examined within their historical context


During the time of the church fathers, the church had begin to establish two things?

1. A foundational basis of doctrinal belief
2. Convictions regarding church practice


What two early threats called for a defense of the faith?

Persecution and heresy


What were the two marks of a true martyrdom?

1. Lacking a pursuit of martyrdom
2. A steadfast refusal to recant the faith regardless of the consequences


What are 4 considerations that past persecutions have to do with us?

1. Parallel with our culture (displaying our faith and standing for truth)
2. Sustained the church
3. Importance of genuine belief
4. Reminder of God's faithfulness


What are the 4 views of the origin of orthodoxy?

1. Competing orthodoxy
2. Evolutionary orthodoxy
3. Developmental orthodoxy
4. Continualist orthodoxy


Define competing orthodoxy

Competing views battled until the reign of Constantine when one faction won and the others were relegated to heretical status


Define evolutionary orthodoxy

Provides a demarcation between the simple, faith teachings of Jesus in the NT and those added by later theologians who consulted and complicated the teaching into orthodoxy


Define developmental orthodoxy

Contends that orthodoxy is consistent with Scripture, but that certain things are unclear and were fully developed later through the course of church debate


Define continualist orthodoxy

Affirms that doctrinal teaching on faith and practice already present in the Scriptures is merely rearticulated and passed down via church history as issues and deviant views arise


What were the 2 most prominent concerns (heresy) during the Patristic period?

Trinity and Christology


What are 5 reasons for studying the church fathers?

1. Foundational doctrines were articulated with precision
2. Church functionality in an antagonistic context
3. Models asking the right questions
4. Heretical views of the past are still alive today
5. This is our heritage


Orthodoxy may be best understood as a current running alongside the shores of what 2 opposing heretical positions?

1. Semi-Pelagianism
2. Hyper-Calvinism


What are the 2 catalysts of heresy?

Authority and Hermeneutics


What are the 3 subsequent moves by the church due to the threat that Marcion posed to orthodox Christianity?

1. Development of the canon
2. Further enhancement of ministerial hierarchy
3. Development of creeds


What is the prevailing view of who the apostolic fathers were?

Clement, Ignatius, Polycarp, the Didache, the Epistle of Barnaba, and the Shepherd of Hermas


What two 2 things set the basic framework for the Catholic Church's position on the Lord's Supper?

1. The Eucharist's elevation of priority (Ignatius)
2. Sacramental theology (Augustine)


Who said, "For 86 years I have served Him, and He has done me no evil. How could I curse my King, who saved me?"

Polycarp of Smyrna