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which formula replaces ze xie, mu dan pi and fu ling with three yang tonifying herbs?

Dang Gui Di Huang Yin
-Dang Gui
-Niu Xi
-Du Zhong


compare Zuo Gui Wan to Zuo Gui Yin

Zuo Gui Yin only has one moving herb - fu ling. Therefore, Zuo Gui Yin has a higher potential for cloying to occur.


which formula has shu di huang, gui ban, huang bai, and zhu mu

da bu yin wan


which formula can be used for the elderly when there is atrophy due to LV and KD deficiency? This formula helps the patient stand upright. What is the Key herb here

Hu Qian Wan
Hu Gu


which formula has zi he che in it

Da Zao Wan


which formula is considered less intense than LWDHW, and lighter bc of the herb choice? It is clearly more of a lifting formula rather than draining one, because of it's eliminated fu ling and ze xie.

Yi Guan Jian

sha shen
mai men dong
dang gui
chuan lian zi
sheng di
gou qi zi


which formula has only two herbs-both of the T. yin category

Er Zhi Wan -
nu zhen zi, ligustri lucidi fructus
mo han lian, ecliptae herba


which formula has jie geng in it? Why?

Bai He Gu Jin Tang
-KD & LU deficiency; KD is unable to grasp the LU qi. Jie Geng and Dang Gui are assisting this process of sending the nourishing herbs up to the lungs.


which formula has e jiao in it? What is its purpose?

Bu Fei E jiao Tang
-for Yang rising yin deficiency cough (may have bloody cough and/or LU trauma)

e jiao
ma dou ling
xing ren
niu bang zi
sticky rice
gan cao


what formula does dr.pai say is a stand-out formula for eye sight and contains herbs that will not damage the yin too much?

Zhu Jing Wan
-shu di huang
che qian zi
tu si zi


which formula is used for LV Blood deficiency leading to premature aging, grey hair, hair loss, loose teeth, spontaneous emissions.

Qi Bao Mei Ran Dan


which two formulas have both shu and sheng di huang

Ming Mu Di Huang Wan
Bai He Gu Jin Tang