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Tool culture trend

With evolution, tools become more refined; sharper, made with more detail and more flakes removed


oldowan tool

(pebble tool) Used by homo habilis, used by Australopithecines
Simple, crudely fashioned - round cobble with top knocked off
Used to exploit environment; hunting fish, sharing food


Acheulian tool

(hand axe) used by homo erectus
Usually 'tear drop' shape, many more flakes removed than oldowan tool
Pointy top and wide flat base
Butchering large game, scalping/removing skins & hides


Mousterian tool

(Flake tool) used by neanderthal man
Smaller flakes removed, spear heads attached to wooden shaft
Used to prepare animal hide to make specific clothes and tents


Upper palaeolithic tools

(blade tools) used by homo sapien, cromagnon man
Sharper, pointer, different materials used (ivory)
hunting, ornamental; tools were specific (hooks, needles)