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Factors when choosing a network (6)

Cost of network
Size of organisation
How the system will be used
Existing systems
Performance required


Costs associated with a network (6)

Staffing cost
Network maintenance costs
Hardware costs
Cost of third party communication lines
Training costs


Advantages of peer-to-peer networks (5)

Cost saving (no server required)
No network manager is required
Easy to set up
There is no reliance on a server
Lower operating costs


Disadvantages of peer-to-peer networks (6)

Backups can't be made centrally
Users need more ICT knowledge
Poorer security
Some computers may run slowly
Users may find it difficult to find files because the files are not organised
Only suitable for small networks (>15 computers)


Advantages Client-server networks (5)

Security is better
Centralised data - all users access the same data
Backups are taken centrally - data unlikely to be lost
Faster access to programs and files
Centralised administration


Disadvantages Client-server networks (4)

More expensive
Need specialist knowledge
Software is sophisticated and expensive
If the server breaks down it makes the network unusable


Advantages and Disadvantages of Ring topology (2) (3)

Not dependent on a central computer
Each computer has the same access ( no one computer can 'hog' the network

One break in connection breaks the whole network
Faults are difficult to locate
Impossible to keep the network working when equipment is added or removed


Advantages and Disadvantages of Star topology (3) (2)

Load tolerant - no loss in performance
Easy to add extra computers

Higher costs
Dependant on the central hub


Advantages and Disadvantages of Bus topology (3) (2)

Cost effective because of the small amount of cable required
Simple cable runs make it easy to install
Easy to add extra devices to the network

If more than about 12 devices are connected, performance is degraded
If there is a break in the backbone cable, the network can't be used


Advantages of Wi-Fi (3)

Gives people freedom to work anywhere
Ideal for use in old buildings
Allows inexpensive LANs to be set up


Disadvantages of Wi-Fi (5)

High power consumption
May be health problems in using Wi-Fi
May be security problems
Home networks have a very limited range
Can get interference if wireless network signals start to overlap


Remote management (6)

Check on hardware if upgrades are required
Log out users if users left their computers logged on
See the users using the network
Guide users through any issues they might have
See if components of a network are failing
Check on the internet sites visited by employees



Identifying yourself to the network in order to gain access



Informing the network you want to close access to the network facilities until the next log-in.



A unique series of characters the user or the network manager chooses.


What does Auditing track?

Keeps a record of:
Who logged on
Time they logged on / off
Details of programs used and changes made.