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Advantages of E-commerce to Customers (4)

Available 24/7
Greater choice
No need to travel
Price comparison


Disadvantages of E-commerce to Customers (5)

Hidden costs of postage
What you see is not always what you get
Customers concerns about security
Unknown seller
Lack of social interaction


Advantages of Ecommerce to Business

Smaller premises so cheaper rates
Wider customer base
Target sales - alter your prices compared with rivals
more efficient customer targeting


Disadvantages of E-commerce to Business (3)

Trained staff needed
Cost of maintaining a company website
Delivery vans pollution


What is FTP?

File Transfer Protocol

A protocol used for sending large files between computers and over the internet

Advantage: Unlimited number of files and unlimited file size


What would a business require to become an E-commerce based Shop? (6)

Internet Service Provider (ISP) - provides connection to the internet
Electronic Stock database
Customer database
Methods of secure payment
Ability to maintain a company website - Gives a competitive edge
Employ/train staff to use the system - Unemployment, New jobs, Working hours


Advantages of Distributed Processing (4)

Reduces costs because an expensive powerful computer (supercomputer) is not needed
Can pass work to a computer anywhere in the world using the Internet
Improved performance as each computer can work on part of the data
Can improve performance by adding more computers


Disadvantages of Distributed Processing (2)

Issues with the security of data spread out on so many different computers
Issues with communication breakdowns


Describe the WHO Popular Power Project

Helped scientists to model how the influenza virus responds to different vaccines in the hope of developing a new stronger vaccine



The purpose is to search for intelligent life outside the Earth and to do this a radio telescope is used. In order to search for the narrow-bandwidth signals lots of computing power is needed


Dialup Hardware

Method of connecting to the internet using a Telephone line connected to a modem and a PC.

+Cheaper because you pay only when using it
-Slower connection speeds



A fast connection to the internet which does not use a modem.

+Fast connection to the internet allows to play games
+ Makes video conferencing possible
-Expensive because you pay a monthly subscription
- Might not be available


How to access online information

Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
Surf the internet by following hyperlinks
Use a search engine which searches for keywords


Web crawler

A program that automatically browses all web pages in a systematic manner to provide up to date data about web pages in order to produce an index which can be used by a search engine to enable fast searches


Boolean search

Combining keywords with operator words:
AND - I want only the documents that contain both words.
OR - I want documents that contain either word. I don't care which word
NOT - I don't want this in my results


Distributed computing

Where a series of computers are networked together to solve the same problem. Each computer shares processing power, storage and bandwidth in order to solve a given problem.


Effect of the internet -Moral (5)

Inappropriate websites
Using emails to give bad news
Spreading rumours


Effects of the internet -Social (7)

Privacy issues
Gambling addictions
Addiction to computer games
Widens the gaps between the haves and don't haves
Organisations moving call centres abroad
Shops might have to close


Effects of the internet -Ethical (5)

Companies monitor employees
Using wireless network without permission
Using photoshop to alter reality


What does SETI stand for?

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence