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explain two reasons why the sacraments are important? - B

- we receive grace
— helps us on our journey to salvation as it brings us closer to God as grace is God’s love.

- we become a more holy person
— we heal our broken relationship with God, helping us on our journey to salvation through reconciliation


Explain two sacraments? -B

- baptism
— original sin is washed away and you are welcomed into the church

— our sins are forgiven and the sinner is brought back to God through his grace. This strengthens us against sin.


Quotes for sacraments?

“a sacrament is an outward sign of an inward gift”

“ the seven sacraments touch all the stages and all the important moments of Christian life” -ccc


Without the sacraments we cannot be close to a God? - D
Agree points:

- we receive grace- grace is God’s love so brings us closer to God as he heals and guides us- e.g. ‘reconciliation is an outward sign of inward grace’
- chance to absolve our sins so closer to God - through penance we mend our broken relationship with God so become closer
-left by Jesus and ‘instituted by Christ’ -following Jesus and faith grows so we become closer to god and more holy.


Without the sacraments we cannot be close to God? - D
Disagree points:

-Protestants think the bible is the word of God- through this we experience God’s word and are learning so closer to God
-non conformists believe you can become closer to God in prayer as Holy Spirit proves to act as God - Holy Spirit guides us and closer to God
- Protestants argue that only 2/7 sacraments are stated in the bible so only 2 of the sacraments help us become closer to God


Liturgical worship quotes?

“ the Eucharist is the source and summit of Christian life” -ccc


Explain 2 parts of the mass?

- introductory rights - penitential right is said which reminds us we needs Gods forgiveness, we praise God through the Gloria, prayers are offered on behalf of the people
- liturgy of the Eucharist- gifts are offered to the alter, priest says Eucharistic prayer and bread and wine transubstantiated, we received a nourished holy communion


Explain two reasons why the Eucharist is important for catholics?

- memorial of the last supper- divine and follows the work of Jesus as we believe Christ is truly present
- receive Christ’s body and grace - spiritual food and helps Catholics on their journey to achieve salvation as the Eucharist is referred to as the ‘ source and summit of Christian life’


traditional worship is better then modern - D
Agree points

Agree :
Structured and rehearsed
Songs match the church’s season
Songs are sung by choirs
More formal


Traditional worships are better than modern? - D
Disagree points

Songs are sung by both choir and congregation
More informal
Spontaneous rather then structured
Inspire by the Holy Spirit
No set prayers - read from the bible


The funeral rite quotes?

“ in offering this sacrifice we commend to God the soul of the deceased”


Explain two functions of the funeral rite in catholic life?

Communion with the community- this reassures Catholics that they can remain in connection with one another (alive an dead) especially by participating in the Eucharist
Proclamation of eternal life - reminds that there is life after death and hope for Catholics- ‘ we command to God the soul of the deceased in Union with Christ himself’


Outline three types of catholic funeral celebration?

Vigil- family come together
The mass - celebrate the deceased life
Rite of committal - person is buried


Explain two examples of different types of prayer?

Prayer of petition - Catholics pray and ask for personal needs- tends to be said during a personal time of need such as exams

Thanksgiving - want to express gratitude for life, Christ and church- can happen whenever you want to thank God such as before a meal


Quotes for prayer?

‘Prayer is raising ones mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God’ -ccc


Explain two reasons why prayer is important to catholics?

Strengthens our relationship with God - guided by Gods grace and feel supported throughout it daily lives

Can be done both formally and extempore - extempore is important as is the way Jesus taught us - privately and spontaneously. Formally praying is structured and public.


Quote for popular piety?

‘Popular piety extends the liturgical life of the church, but does not replace it’ -ccc


Explain two types of popular piety?

One type of popular piety is the stations of the cross- during this we are journeying with God and offering him thanks- especially in lent to extend prayer life.
Another is the rosary - focus in the life and mysteries of Jesus and Mary - reflect in Jesus life and develop a relationship with God.


Explain the importance of popular piety?

-Connect to God through prayer - use it as assistance- ‘ popular piety extends the liturgical life but does not replace it’ - faith is shown constantly not just on Sunday.
- done as a community - Catholics can share the prayer life together and develop a relationship with God.


Outline three types of prayer?

Prayer of adoration - Catholics simply worship God
Prayer of petition - Catholics ask for personal needs
Prayer of thanksgiving - Catholics give thanks and express gratitude


Explain two places that are important for pilgrimage?

Jerusalem - associated with Jesus life and so reminds us of the paschal mystery
Lourdes - Mary appeared there so is a spiritual place where miracles happened - also a place of charity, worship and love so strengthens our faith


Pilgrimage is a unique type of worship every Christian should undertake? - D
Agree points

- some places like Jerusalem are unique for certain people such as Jesus or Rome for the pope - cannot see the pope anywhere
-pilgrimages are “special occasions for renewal of prayer” so develop our relationship with God and strengthen our faith
-the miracles that take place these cannot happen anywhere else (Lourdes for example) and (ecumenical nature of Walsingham)


Pilgrimage is a unique type of worship which every Christian should undertake” -D
Disagree points

-Non conformists believe that pilgrimage is not needed and therefore should not be undertook - rather you just need the bible
-some things like the stations of the cross which can be dine at home in church not Jerusalem- Jesus also taught us to prayer extempore
- they are limited to certain people such as health and money


Quotes for catholic social teaching?

“We must never forget that the planet belongs to all mankind and is meant for all mankind” - pope Francis

“ we are called by God to help the liberation and promotion of the poor” - pope Francis


Explain two themes of catholic social teaching?

Stewardship of the planet - this shows love to your neighbour because we are caring for the environment and sharing resources among everyone- supporting and helping everyone flourish.

Preferential option for the poor and vulnerable - shows love to your neighbour as we are putting others first as they need something more then us - practicing gospel values.


Outline three themes of catholic social teaching?

-stewardship of the plant - sharing resources amongst everyone
- preferential option for the poor and vulnerable -putting other first
- to protect human rights and responsibility- equality and justice


Explain two reasons why catholic social teaching is important?

Follows teachings of Jesus to love you neighbour - care for all and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Emphasise the importance of including all humanity in decision making - everyone lives together in peace and safety where we care for all.


Catholic social teaching has the power to influence the whole world? - D
Agree points

- Catholicism is a worldwide faith - and company but only influence Catholics but also other denominations
- CST lobbies for social justice - influence governments and UN to make decisions
- prompt others to act on CST and inspire others through your actions to do things such as hell the less fortunate.


Catholic social teaching has the power to influence the whole world? - D
Disagree points

- though you can lobby, it is the government not CST than can change the whole world
- CST can be difficult to act out as if society restrictions
- CST has small impacts that cannot fully restore modern day issues such as poverty, only improve them


Quotes for catholic mission and evangelism?

“Jesus wants evangelisers who proclaim the good news not only with words, but above all by a life transfigured by God’s presence”

“ go into the world and preach the gospel to all creation”

“ new in its ardor, new in its methods, new in its expressions”


Explain two reasons why ‘new evangelism’ is important for the Catholic Church today?

-Reminds people in modern society of their faith- this reinforces the idea that god loves everyone and gives people a break fro, their everyday lives
- part if the catholic tradition - gives people purpose to follow on the work of Jesus (effectively following the commandments - sheep and goat)


Explain how the church can evangelise?

Locally - the basic message of God’s love is passed on in church through the life of the parish (e.g. sharing sacraments)

Internationally - through the work of the pope who proclaims the gospel (e.g. on social media and radio) and through charities such as CAFOD

Nationally - bishops conference helps Catholics to know and share the gospel


Explain how an individual can evangelise?

Locally - vocation if marriage and family life - love out the gospel of Christ’s love by loving faithfully and raising children to follow Christ.

Nationally - may attend national events to state and learn about their life and their faith

Globally - love lit their life as missionaries or charity workers - or write blogs to emphasise the joy of the gospel


Quote for pilgrimage?

‘Pilgrimage evoke our earthly journey towards heaven and are traditionally very special occasions for renewal of prayer”’