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What is Law within the bible?

Books from God to Humanity and shows how the Jews became the people of God (e.g. the Decalogue) old testament


What is history in the bible?

Talks of the Jewish people and their journey to the promised land
Old Testament


What is the prophecy writings in the bible?

Message from God on how to live and what was to happen in the times to come. Old Testament


What are the writings/poetry/wisdom in the bible?

Humans expressing the greatness of the nature of God. Old Testament


What are the gospels on the bible?

They tell us about the life of Jesus and his own teachings - the good news of Jesus. New Testament


What are the letters in the bible?

Speaks of the early church communities and the emergence of the Christians church (e.g. Saint Paul) New Testament


What is the revelation in the bible?

Christians describe the end of the world. New Testament


How many authors are there of the bible?



How many books are there in the bible?

66 books for Protestants
73 books for Catholics


What does canonical mean?

A collection of books approved by the Catholic Church


What does deuterocanonical mean?

A version of the bible recognised by the Catholic Church. It has 73 books usually listed at the end of the Old Testament.


What do orthodox believe about the bible?

Orthodox bibles include additional scripture that is not recognised by the Catholic Church. The order of books also varies.


What is the catholic belief about interpreting the bible?

The bible is the inspired (holy spirit) word of a God and there is truth in the message of the bible. Do not take the bible literally!
The magisterium interprets the bible for us and it should re read in light of culture and God’s advices by the Holy Spirit.


What is the literalist view towards interpreting the bible?

It is 100% true and inerrant
Was word for word dictated by God and all should follow the bible


What is the liberalist view towards interpreting the bible?

The bible was written by humans but inspired by God so is not the word for word truth but carries spiritual truths that help us become closer to a God. Parts are outdated in modern society.


Why is the bible important?

-it offers advice and guidance for daily life
-it reveals to us what God is love and his nature
-can be used to reflect or used during worship and mass
-contain the teachings of Jesus
-inspired by the Holy Spirit (sense of authority)


Who is the magisterium made up of?

Priests, popes, bishops and cardinals


What is the extraordinary Magisterium?

Church councils (Vatican 2) or when the Pope (pontifical) speaks with absolute infallible authority. (Only ever been 21 of these)


What is the ordinary magisterium?

The daily teachings of the church through letters and teachings. It is infallible (no mistakes)


What is a dogma?

Documents which have been infallibly defined by an ecumenical council or pope - all Catholics must accept them.


Why is the magisterium important?

-give advice on modern day issues such as abortion
-they write the CCC
-they continue apostolic tradition and succession
-inspired by the Holy Spirit
-interpret the bible and uncover Jesus’ messages


When did Vatican 2 start and finish?

Opened by Pope John XX11 in 1962
Closed by Pope Paul V1 in 1965


What was changed in Sacrosanctum Concilium (The Sacred

-laity more involved e.g. Eucharistic ministers
-mass into the vernacular (local languages)
-congregation now receive the Eucharist as bread and wine


What changed in Lumen Gentium (The Church)?

-the possibility of salvation for non-believers
-emphasised the importance of ordinary Catholics and Mary
-encouraged the church should work more equally (laity and bishops)


What changed in Dei Verbum (The Bible)?

-the bible is the word of god and aw way in which he is revealed to Catholics
-the bible is written by humans but inspired by the Holy Spirit
-both the bible and traditions are equally important
-highlighted the importance of the bible, especially gospels


What changed in Gaudium et Spes (The Modern World)?

-looked at how the church worked in modern day, science and technology
-emphasises the importance of treaty everyone with dignity
-importance of speaking to non believers (one unified church)


What does the church as the body of Christ mean?

-we are bought into the body through baptism
-It is where as Christians we continue the message of Jesus on earth
-we are the people of God as we are the believers of Christ
-The Eucharist brings us together as the Body of Christ- one community and are united


What is the laity?

By their vocation they have a duty to teach others about Jesus


Who are the religious?

They serve and pray for the church by living simple lives to focus on God (nuns, monks)


Who are the clergy?

Their role is to offer the sacraments and helps Catholics achieve salvation - they act in Persona Christa (popes, priests, bishops)


Why is the church as the body of Christ important?

-stated in the bible and the CCC (following apostolic tradition)
-we all have unique individual roles
-we are united as we work together as the body
-Jesus lives within the church which is his body on earth and so we are carrying out the work of Jesus today


What are the four marks of the church?

-One - church is unified as one true church
-Holy - founded by Jesus and provides the means to holiness (doctrines)
-Catholics - universal community of believers
-Apostolic - church continues teachings and apostolic succession


What is meant by the four marks of the church?

A term describing four distinctive adjectives and goals -stated in the nicene creed


How is the four mark of one shown?

Catholics believe the church is the one true church and other denominations don’t possess the complete truth so we have a duty to unite all Catholics
Subsequently we can achieve a sense of unity for example through the church as the body of Christ


How is the four mark of Holy shown?

The church offered a way to holiness through sacraments, prayer life of the saints giving Catholics a chance to be saved
-this can be achieved through sacraments like the Eucharist


How is the four mark of Catholic shown?

As the church is universal we are strengthened
-this means Catholics can internationally evangelise hence following the messages of jesus and developing faith


How is the four mark of Apostolic shown?

Apostolic tradition means Catholics are continuing the work of jesus on earth e.g. evangelising and are closer to achieving salvation.
Apostolic succession so the popes authority is passed down from the originating peter, ensures the faith is protected and preserved. Her can also speak pontifically so can define the fundamental beliefs


What are divergent views to the four marks of the church?

-For protestants, the Catholic Church as the one true church isn’t accurate as there are international denominations which are as important
-Protestants also believe salvation rather comes from the bible and prayer


What does Mary as the model of the church mean?

How Mary reflects what it means to be a perfect catholic


Why is Mary significant to Catholics?

-she is a model decouple and leads is to Jesus
-she is joined and linked and christ- both ascended it heaven and were sinless
-model of faith and charity


What does Mary as a model of decipleship mean?

-she as the first to follow Christ and believe he was the son of God and stayed loyal to him through everything
-urges him to preform miracles - Wedding at Cana
-she serve the church before Christ, bore him and protected him


How is Mary joined with Jesus?

-many teaching of Christ and Mary are similar (she was sinless and assumed to heaven at death just like Jesus)
-she is the mother of the church as she was Christ’s.


How is Mary a model of faith and charity?

-she said yes to God,risking her life to bear Christ and was always with him staying wholly loyal
-she showed charity by being with Christ as his death and first miracle


What is Jesus’ ethical teaching of love for others?

-Jesus sets a prefect example of love through blessing and serving
-Jesus also instituted the golden rule of love (‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’)


What is Jesus’ ethical teaching of forgiveness?

-key theme in the gospels (forgive his crucifies)
-Jesus encouraged forgiveness as you would also be forgiven by God and achieve salvation


What is Jesus’ ethical teaching of social justice?

-Jesus addresses people spiritual as well as physical needs especially helping the poor and striving for fairness and equality
-this is shown in parables such as the sheep and goat that carry timless morals


What is natural law?

The idea that we have innate knowledge of divine commands and laws given to us from God. This was suggested by Aquinas where he suggested it helped to sustain and function life.


What are the 7 precepts of natural law?

-preserve human life
-procreate and reproduce
-to educate offspring (school and morals)
-to seek God
-live in society
-avoid offence
-shun ignorance (not educated)


How is Jesus the fulfilment if the law?

-Jesus as fulfilment of the law means that those who follow will be saved
-helped people to understand what God wanted
-he learnt and obeyed these laws as a faithful Jew


What is conscience?

That Catholics have a duty to follow their conscience as it is informed by God. It can be informed further through the bible, natural law and the teachings of the church


What is virtue ethics?

Looks at his an individual can be a good person and virtuous bases on qualities the posses
This can be learnt from a developed conscience, natural law and the church


How can natural law be applied to abortion?

Abortion goes against natural law as it goes against the precepts of preservation of life. Therefore those who follow natural law believe it is wrong


How can natural law be applied to contraception?

Contraception goes against the precept of to procreate as it stops this. Therefore those who follow natural law may believe it is wrong


What are divergent beliefs to personal and ethical decision making?

-not all Christians follow the magisterium as they follow Apostolic tradition and succession
-not all Christians follow natural law as Church of England are lenient with abortion and contraception - rather they follow conscience
-non conformists only follow the bible as it is inherent and dictated by God.
-For humanists we must follow our conscience and the world we live in, but this does not come from God


How can we show devotion to Mary today?

-days dedicated to her
-hymns and prayers attributed to her e.g. Hail Mary
-Places of pilgrimage e.g. Lourdes
-we can pray to her as she is the intercessor