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What is the definition of interdependence?

When one organism depends upon or relies upon another organism to survive, e.g. for shelter or as a food source


what is the definition of a parasite?

an organism that lives off a host and this is to the host's detriment. The host is harmed and does not benefit from the relationship.


what is the definition of a host?

an organism that another organism lives on


what is the definition of parasitism?

when a parasite feeds on a host and causes harm, e.g. fleas suck blood from their host


what is the definition of mutualism?

when two organisms live together in symbiosis and both gain/benefit from the relationship,
e.g. in root nodules of leguminous plants, bacteria turn nitrogen into nitrates for the plant and in turn the bacteria gain glucose from the plant


what is the definition for a predator?

an organism that hunts and kills another organism (prey)
e.g. lynx kill snowshoe hares


what is the definition for prey?

an organism that is hunted and killed by a predator


what is the definition for predation?

when prey are killed by predators


what is the definition for competition?

when organisms compete for resources
e.g. space, light, mates, food


what is intraspecific competition?

competition between the same species


what is interspecific competition?

competition between different species