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Disposable Income Definition

Income remaining after deduction of taxes and social security charges, available to be spent or saved as one wishes.


Everyone In Deri Can Swallow Red Dragons
(Butler Model Stages)

Rejuvenation or Decline


All-inclusive Definition

A holiday deal that includes accommodation, meals, drinks and entertainment for one price.


Carbon Footprint Definition

A measure of the amount of carbon someone's lifestyle adds to the atmosphere; travel is part of that.


Charter Flights Definition

When holiday companies arrange special flights for their customers to get to and from their holiday destination.


Conservation Definition

The careful and planned use of resources in order to manage and maintain the natural environment for future generations.


Domestic Destinations Definition

Located in the tourist's own country. So, for British people, they are destinations in the UK.


Economic Leakage Definition

If tourism businesses are owned by foreign companies, most of the profits en up abroad. Foreign tourism staff may also send some of their wages home.


Ecotourism Definition

Tourism that focuses on protecting the environment and the local way of life. Also known as 'green tourism'.


External Factors Definition

Factors outside the control of a country's tourist authority. Examples of these factors that impact on visitor numbers include exchange rates, security and the state of the global economy.


Grey Market Definition

Older people (often recently retired) who can afford to pay for tours to extreme environments.


Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Definition

The total value of goods and services produced by a country in one year.


Honeypot Side Definition

A location attraction a large number of tourists who, due to their numbers, place pressure on the environment and people.


Infrastructure Definition

The name used to describe a place's transport links and basic services such a power supplies and hospitals.


Long-haul Destinations Definition

Are further away and include tropical destinations in countries such as Jamaica, Kenya and Thailand.


Mass Tourism Definition

Tourism on a large scale to one country or region. This equates to the Development and Consolidation phases of the Butler tourism resort life-cycle model.


Multiplier Effect Definition

Concept stating that once one successful business grows in and area other businesses will benefit and expand as well.


Package Holidays Definition

Holidays that include flights, airport transfers and accommodation all in one deal.


Responsible Tourism Definition

The idea of encouraging a balance between the demands of tourism and the need to protect the environment.


Short-haul Destinations Definition

Can be reached by and air flight of less than 3 hours. For tourists from the UK they are places in Europe and around the Mediterranean Sea.


Stewardship Definition

The personal responsibility for looking after things, in this case the environment. No one should damage the present or future environment.


Sustainable Development Definition

This allows economic growth to occur, which can continue over a long period of time and will not harm the environment. It benefits people alive today but does not compromise future generations.


Tourism Definition

According to the World Tourism Organisation (WTO), this involves activities that require travel from home and staying from home for at least one night. Most people, however, would include day visits from home to the coast or mountains too.


Butler's Tourist Resort Life Cycle Model Definition

Shows how the number of tourists visiting a destination can be expected to change over many years.