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Basic Troubleshooting Steps

1. Ask the right questions (and ask permission to ask questions)
2. Visually inspect equipment
3. Perform mic check
4. Systematically replace components


CI Equipment Toolbox

utilize spare parts
be familiar with processor-specific equipment
replace 1 part at a time until you find broken components
(order how they normally go: cable, T-Mic, battery, processor)


Clinicians HeadPiece Kit

Spare components to manage the UHP and AquaMic

UHP Magnets
Thin Magnets for AquaMic
Bottom Cover Patches
Foam Spacers
Removal Tool


Common Clinical Issue:

Dirty equipment

issue may present as:
- intermittency
- no sound
- unusual or improper function

- dry cloth
- rubbing alcohol (on tip of cable potentially)
- hearing aid brush (can scratch nano case on this)
- pencil eraser


Common Clinical Issue:

Poor Sound Quality

Issue may present as:
- intermittency
- static
- distortion

Potentail Causes
- Debris on mic
- Damaged cable

- ask questions
- mic check
- inspect equipment
- replace components
- try another audio input source


Common Clinical Issue:

Processor LED doesn't illuminate to loud input

issue may present as:
- no green LED with input to mic
- no response from recipient

Potential Causes:
- AGC not enabled
- cable issue
- poor mic function
- battery power low
- setting on the processor

- verify SP settings
- inspect equipment
- try another program
- mic check
- try another audio input source
- try another battery


Common Clinical Issue

Decrease in Battery Life

Issue may present as: less than expected battery life

Potential causes
- change in program settings
- age of battery
- debris on battery
- improper use of battery or charger

- clean battery contacts
- check charger LED when powered/inspect charger
- try different battery
- try different type of battery (Neptune)
- try different program setting


Common Clinical Issues

Wet Processor (not Neptune)

Issue may present as:
- accidental exposure to water
- intermittency due to high humidity
- poor sound quality

If moisture is suspected as causing issue:
- gently she out water if post submersion
- remove cable, HP and battery
- dry with soft cloth
- place all in Dri-aid kit (Zephyr)
- contact Customer Service if full functionality doesn't return after drying process completed


Common Clinical Issues

HP Retention

May present as
- HP falls off
- intermittent sound

Normal for HP to fall off several times a day (if never falls off, remove magnet(s))

If excessively falls off (>10x):
- check length of HP cable
- try different HP
- try different wearing option (OEPO)
- add a magnet


Common Clinical Issues

HP Irritation

May present as:
- pain
- swelling
- change in skin color
- no hair growth around HP

Manage irritation by:
- reducing magnet(s)
- try different HP
- try moleskin (provides little barrier)

Monitor Flap
- daily- 1st month after initial stim
- weekly- first 6 months after initial stim
- monthly- long term basis
- other- weight gain/loss, pregnancy, aging, hair loss, diabetes, illness