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Benefits from using ComPilot

Stream audio (listening to music)
Stream FM/DM
Stream Bluetooth phone (talking on phone)
Stream TV, movies, YouTube
Stream speech

Connect with world around you!


Phonak RemoteMic

Takes strain out of 1-on-1 conversations in noisy places by streaming speech directly to both ears up to 20 meters away (~65 feet)

Can clip to speaker's clothes
Streams from RemoteMic to ComPilot

Can also place close to TV loudspeaker for SNR improvement (if don't have TVLink)



Remote control functions
Wireless streaming and connectivity, using HIBAN technology. Can use bimodally
Only accessory with VoiceAlerts


ComPilot remote functionality

Adjust volume
Change programs (main button)
Go to startup program (home button)


Phonak RemoteMic duration

8 hours of streaming time


Required setup for ComPilot

Use out of the box
Stream bimodally
VoiceAlerts set up to English


Required setup for Phonak RemoteMic

Use right out of the box


AB myPilot use


remote control (change programs, volume, and sensitivity)
status reader (view battery status)


AB myPilot modes

• Remote control and status reader

Direct control
• Much more simplistic
• Program and volume changes only


ComPilot compatibility

Naída CI Q70

Phonak Quest, Spice+, and Spice hearing instruments

Phonak accessories: TVLink and RemoteMic


AB myPilot bidirectional remote operating range

Remote control= 60 cm (~2 feet)

Status readout= 30 cm (~1 foot)


AB myPilot pairing window

The time the Naída CI will allow pairing to AB myPilot

Occurs 1st 5 minutes after Naída CI powered on

Pairing window doesn't cause significant battery drain as doesn't enter into higher power mode


AB myPilot pairing identification

Left Naída CI- 4 green blinks
Right Naída CI- 5 red blinks


AB myPilot device pairing options

1. Dynamic Pairing
- Use the AB myPilot to pair
(During pairing window, select Pairing from main menu to scan for devices.)
- One AB myPilot for multiple recipients

2. Hardwire Pairing
- Use SW 2.2 software to pair
- Update to AB myPilot software
- Select language
- Pair to specific patient with patient file open.


AB myPilot Program Adjustments

Volume and Sensitivity

Volume and sensitivity can be changed
- for both processors
- for only one side

Volume and Sensitivity can also be reset to the original level


AB myPilot ZoomControl Adjustments

Requires audiologist to set ZoomControl program on recipient's processors
- Default direction set in programming software
- Can adjust direction of ZoomControl


Listening Check with AB myPilot

Listen to each sound source independently:
- Microphones (front, rear, HP, and T-Mic 2)
- FM receiver
- T-Coil
- Internal alarms
- UltraZoom
- Input from ComPilot


How to activate Listening Check with AB myPilot

When listening check attached to Naída CI and CI communicates with AB myPilot, AB myPilot enters listening check mode.

If doesn't automatically engage, perform status readout by pushing on/off button.


AB myPilot Status Information

Supports bidirectional communication with sound processor to read out the system status info
- device status
- battery check


AB myPilot Device Status

Reads from closest-paired Naída CI. If bilateral, move one further away for readout.

- battery status
- program
- volume level
- sensitivity level
- pairing id
- ear for which Naída formatted
- locked status
- current lock count (how many times HP falls off head and is put back on)(doesn't carry info over if change program or replace battery)


AB myPilot Battery Status

Make take up to 15 minutes to receive accurate battery info when using zinc air battery

Battery status of AB myPilot and of Naída CI(s)


ComPilot and T-Coil

Copilot has no t-coil antenna so can't receive or transmit t-coil signal

Uses HIBAN signal (Hearing Instrument Body Area Network)


ComPilot for Bimodal Streaming

• Can stream to Spice+, Spice, CORE, and Quest HAs
• Must not be paired to stream bimodally.


ComPilot battery life

~5 hrs of active use time (per Phonak)


AB myPilot and SPs

Customized by AB for EXCLUSIVE use with Naída CI Q70/90