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(TF) In stance phase, what socket and anatomical conditions would cause Trendelenburg gait?

-insufficient socket adduction
-loose socket m/l
-no skeletal lock
-short limb
-weak hip abductors
-hip pathology
-distal lateral stump pain


(TF) What are some alignment considerations for bilateral TF's

-outset feet
-make knees as stable as possible
-shorten height of Px


(TF) 55 y/o pt, unilateral TF amp, has a definitive Px. Has excessive knee flexion at heel strike. what are the possible causes?

-insufficient flexion
-unstable alignment
-stiff PF bumper or firm sach heel cushion
-weak hip extensors, needs PT
-High heel shoe
-short residual limb


What would cause a TF to break suction when they sit?

-anterior brim too high
-loose socket tension
-a/p too large


55 y/o banker with hear condition who is bilateral TF is referred to you. What Px treatment would you recommend and why?

Functional bilateral TF Px not recommended due to energy req and heart condition. Recommend electric wheelchair and cosmetic Px


Patient has terminal impact from leg, what would you prescribe for patient to avoid terminal impact?

-reduce knee extension assist
-add firmer knee extension bumper


(TF) How would you correct lateral whip?

-externally rotate knee bolt
-correct a post medial wall angle that is too great
-ask patient to re-don Px