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Lateral & distal redness

-socket too large
*add socks, or pads


Proximal lateral & Distal medial redness

-adducted socket
*abduct socket
-socket ML too large
*add ML pads @ condyle
-foot too outset
*inset foot


Anterior proximal & posterior distal pressure/redness

-insufficient initial socket flexion
-shoe change w/ decreased heel height
-heel lever too short / toe lever too long
*heel bumper cushion too soft


Patient bottoming out/vericose hyperplasia

-Pt decreased limb volume
-inappropriate sock ply
-socket made too big initially
-lack of distal contact


Fib Head Redness

-greater proximal pressure than distal pressure
-inadequate relief built into socket
-inappropriate donning of liner


Anterior Pain/pressure & distal lateral pressure (heel of pt is off the ground)

-insufficient socket flexion/PF foot (causes pt to hyperextend in stance so the compensate with hyperflexion
*Flex socket


Proximal medial pressure & distal lateral pressure
(varus moment)

-foot too inset
-socket too abducted
*shift socket medially
*adduct socket


Distal medial pressure, proximal lateral pressure
(valgus moment)

-foot too outset
-socket too adducted
*shift socket laterally
*abduct socket


Proximal patella pain, distal posterior pain
(pt toe coming up on midstance)

-foot too anterior/socket too posterior to foot
-heel cushion too soft
*move socket forward
*add firmer heel wedge in px foot


Anterior distal tibial pressure

-AP too big
-posterior brim too low
-insufficient relief
-excessive use of knee extension
-heel lever too long
-excessive initial socket flexion