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What are the paragraphs for a turning point essay?

1. Describe the turning point
2. Theme of American Dream
3. Theme of Hollow Values of the Upper Classes
4. Gatsby's aggressive characterisation


Turning point

"hottest day of the summer"
"just tell him the truth - that you never loved him - and it's all wiped out forever."
"I suppose it's the latest thing to let Mr Nobody from nowhere make love to your wife"
"open more windows... there aren't any more"
"he wants too much"
"Jay Gatsby had broken up like glass under Tom's hard malice"

~pathetic fallacy
~ daisy choses tom over gatsby as it turns out that she loved both of them
~ gatsby past is exposed and how he has made a fortune: bootlegger
~ conflict between G and T


Theme of American dream

"the colossal significant of the green light had now vanished forever"
"so we beat on boats against the current"


~ Fitzgerald made it seem as if Gatsby became close to achieving his dream.
~ Especially in chapter 4 with pathetic fallacy during their meeting
~ During the summer they seemed very in love


~ Gatsby realised that Daisy is not who he thought she was as she Tom over Him even though Tom cheated on her, was a racist and violent. She chose him because he came from "old money"
~ "He must have looked up at an unfamiliar sky through frightening leaves and shivered as he realised what a grotesque thing a rose is"
~ symbolism of Daisy's name.


Hollow values of the upper classes

"the white palaces of fashionable east egg glittered along the water"
"they're a rotten crowd... You're worth the whole damn bunch put together"


~ Nick Carraway was in awe of the royality of the upper classes.
~ "Red bricks" foreshadowed violence and NC began to slowly dislike them due to Tom drinking so much alcohol and the violence


~ The turning point was a tipping point for NC as he realised how morally corrput they were and how they used an innocent man to cover up the fact that Daisy had killed Myrtyle.
~ They were also hypocrites as Tom called out Gatsby for being a bootlegger when he himself was one and was a racist in addition.
~ He didn't like that Daisy chose Tom just because of money and that Daisy didn't come to Gatsby's funeral.


Gatbsy's characterisation

"You're acting like a little boy"
"You are running down like an overwound clock"


~ He seemed very sweet and caring as he was anxious about meeting Daisy.
~ We appreciated that he worked hard to achieve Daisy


~ We realise that Gatsby is an idealist and in fact, wanted too much from Daisy
~ He was also irrealistic as he wanted to turn back the time