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What are the 3 types of memory?

• Episodic (explicit memories)
• Semantic (explicit memories)
• Procedural (implicit memories)


What are episodic memories?

episodic = episode
Memories of an Event, Time, Place, Who was there

They are personal memories

May be able to recall context of memory e.g what happened just before

May also be able to recall emotions you felt during e.g the time you saw a spider on your bed, right after you got out the shower, and you were scared


Semantic memory

semantic = meanings
Knowledge about the world, general knowledge, meanings behind things

Rather than personal memories like episodic memories, they are memories shared by everyone

Episodic memories can form semantic memories because we learn meanings and gain knowledge through experiences


Procedural memory

procedural = process, how to do things
Memories of how to do things involving skills

Required through repetition and practice

They are implicit because we are less aware of them - they are automatic, and thinking about them may disrupt our ability to do them


Evaluation of the different types of LTM

(+) supported by brain scans - different parts of the brain are activated when different kinds of LTM are active, shows different memories exist

(+) brain damage sufferer could form new procedural memories but not new semantic or episodic memories, shows different memories exist

(-) issues testing brain damaged sufferers - unreliable, can't be certain of true cause & effect