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What is NMR based on?

NMR (Nuclear magnetic resonance) is based on the magnetic properties of particular types of nuclei when placed into an external magnetic field


Name the two types of NMR with their frequency ranges and what they are used for

-Magnetic Resonance Imaging - MRI
50-300MHz frequency
For diagnostic imaging of soft tissues (Water detection)

-NMR Spectroscopy
300-900MHz frequency
Primarily used for compound ID and characterisation


What does NMR measure?

The absorption of radio-frequency radiation resulting in changes in nuclear spin orientation


What conditions must there be in order for NMR to occur? What is detected?

NMR only occurs when a sample is in a strong magnetic field
Different nuclei absorb EMR at different frequencies
In an NMR experiment you detect relaxation back to equilibrium


When will a sample generate a signal? Where?

The sample will only generate a signal at a particular combination of radio frequency and magnetic field strong enough to satisfy resonance conditions


Resonance conditions equation

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