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What is Tawhid

Belief in the oneness of Allah


What is Malaikah

belief in the existence of angels


What is Nubuwwah



What is Risalah

Communication link between Allah and humans


What is Al-Qadr

belief in predestination


What is the Ummah

community of Muslims


What is Hadith

spoken words of the Prophet Muhammad


What is the Usul ad-Din

the five principles of religion


What is Adalah

Justice and fairness


What is Imamah

Imams as a source of authority


What is Yawm al Qiyyamah

the day of resurrection


What are the six beliefs of Sunni Muslims

Belief in Allah, Belief in the Day of Judgement, Belief in Prophets, Belief in Holy books, Belief in Al-Qadar (Predestination) and Belief in Angles


What are the 5 roots of Usul as-din?

Tawhid, Nubuwwah, Adl or Adalat, Immah, Mi'ad


Outline 3 reasons why Malaikah is important to Muslims?

-They are servants of Allah
-They deliever and reveal messages from Allah
-They guide us


Explain two reasons why Prophets are Important for Muslims

-They are especially chosen by Allah(Shows that Allah trusts and respects them to Give feedback)
-They offer guidance(on Judgement day they will be likely to go to Jannah)


Explain two reasons why the Nature of Allah is important to Muslims?

-Effects Muslims Morals(You have to act in a way which will reflect your afterlife)
-Muslims believe that Allah is Omnipotent, Omniscient:(You should think about what you do on the earth as Allah watches you)


Explain two reasons why the Al-Qadr may be important for Muslims?

-Brings Ummah closer together, in the Qur'an it states that ' Actions have consequences' so by helping your community you are likely to go to Jannah
-Means Predestination and he decides what happens and controls everything this means that Muslims will behave in a way that will reflect their Afterlife


What is Akirah?

Life after death, where Judgment day takes place


Give three Points For the statement' The Qur'an is the only book a Muslim needs'

-Allah's words
-It Contains truths and revelations from Allah
-Explains all Muslim beliefs


Give three Points against the statement' The Qur'an is the only book a Muslim needs'

-Hadith 5 pillars
-Muslims may seek guidance else where
-There are over holy books


Give three Points For the statement 'The Prophet Muhammad is the only Prophet That Muslims should Follow'

-A figure Allah respects and trusts
-The Qur'an was revealed to him
His life experiences can be used as a guide for all Muslims to follow.


Give three Points Against the statement 'The Prophet Muhammad is the only Prophet That Muslims should Follow'

-Other Prophets also have their different and important life experiences
-Allah Loves and Respects all Prophets
-Muslims may be able to relate to other Prophets specially.


Outline three beliefs about the role of prophets

Messengers of Allah
Communication link between Allah and humanity
They reveal truths to humanity


Outline 3 beliefs about the Nature of Allah?

He is Omnipotent


Outline 3 beliefs about life after death

The good will go to paradise and bad to hell
Muslims believe Allah will judge them after death
Actions on earth will determine their after life


Describe the importance of the six beliefs?(4 marks)

Supports Sunni Muslims in how they should live their lives
To help Sunni Muslims understand their religion better


Describe the importance of pre-destination?(4 marks)

Muslims will try to help others as they believe Muhammad taught this
Encourages Muslims to live in a way that will reflect their afterlife.


Explain the roles of Prophets

Offers guidance on how to live life
Reveal truths from Allah (Qur'an)


Describe the importance of Usul-ad-Din?

Unite's Shi'a Muslims
Strengthens the Ummah


Describe the importance of holy books?

Muslims use it for guidance in their life
Revealed by Muhammad


Explain the importance of Allah being Beneficent for Muslims?

Encourages Muslims to strive to be better as this is what Allah wants
Allah loves and cares for his creation


Explain the difference between Muslim and one other religions' idea about life after death?

Christians don't have angles recording deeds of a person like Muslims do
Purgatory in Christian Catholicism is not the same as barzakh in Islam


Explain the importance of Angles for Muslims?

Deliver guidance and reveal messages from Allah to offer guidance
They give messages to humanity for example Angel Jibril gave Prophet Muhammad the Qur'an