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Outline the Significance of Id-ul-Adha?

It was a sacrifice that Ibrahim was asked to sacrifice his son Ismail. This reminds Muslims to show dedication and devolution to Allah.


Outline 3 reasons why the 10 Obligatory acts are important for Muslims?

-It promotes a better society
-It offers guidance on how to live your life
-It shows commitment to Allah


Explain why Jihad is Important for Muslims?

-It helps Muslims refrain from Bad Habits
-Proves commitment to Allah and better understanding of Muhammad.


Explain why Zakah is Important for Muslims?

-Teaches Muslims not to be greedy
-Everything including money was given to Muslims by Allah.


Explain two Reasons why the Shahadah is important for Muslims?

-Most important pillar for Muslims , It shows commitment to Allah
-Declaration of Faith


Explain two reasons why Salah may be important for Muslims?

-One of the 5 pillars of Islam
-Allows Muslims to create a personal connection with Allah


What is Id-Ul- Fitr?

Festival celebrated at the end of Ramadan


What is Id-Ul-Ghadeer?

Shi'a Festival commemorating the prophet Muhammad's choice of Ali as a leader of Muslims.


3 reasons For the Statement 'Fasting is a waste of time'

Health Risks
Other acts are important
Old age


3 reasons Against the Statement 'Fasting is a waste of time'

One of the 5 pillars
Brings Ummah closer to Struggle together.


What is Greater Jihad?

Striving spiritually to resist evil within oneself


What is Lesser Jihad?

Striving Physically to resist an evil in the world


Outline 3 conditions when performing Sawm

No food
No smoking
No sexual activity


Outline the importance of Khums

It gives special recognition to Allah
It is used to help the poor and those who are suffering
One of the ten obligatory acts


Outline 3 reasons why Muslims must pray

Considered a duty to pray 5 times a day
Regular communication to Allah
One of the five pillars


State 3 importance of Hajj

Shows commitment to Allah
Ask forgiveness and get closer to Allah
Strengthens the Ummah


State three Muslim celebrations



Outline 3 reasons Muslims have celebrations and commemorations

To remember past events and important people within Islam
To share beliefs that they have in common
Unite Muslims together


Outline 3 reasons why Zakah is important to Muslims

One of the five pilliars so its a duty
Wealth is a gift from Allah
Strengthens the Ummah


Outline 3 things Muslims believe about the origins of the universe

Everything was created by Allah
Allah created all living things
It took periods of time to create the universe


Outline 3 teachings about sanctity of life

Life is special and holy as all life is created by Allah
Allah is the creator of life he can only take life
Respect all life and not harm any living thing


State three reasons why Muslims may not agree with abortions

Sanctity of life
'and do not kill your child in fear of poverty'


Outline 3 Muslims beliefs about Life after death

Allah has full control over life and death
Good deeds and Bad deeds will be judged 'And every soul will be paid in full of its Deeds'
People will either be sent to Al-Jannah(PARADISE) or Jahannah(BAD LIFE)


Outline three Muslim beliefs on Euthanasia

Allah is the only person who can take life
'Unless Allah permits'
It is Suicide which Muslims permit


Outline three threats to the Natural world

Allah created the world with love and they should show respect by treating it in the same way
Allah has given us roles as Khalifahs(Stewards of the world)
Humans will be called to answer for ill-treatment for the planet


Outline three non-religious arguments against life after death

Makes people less afraid of death
Reward for living a good life
Paranormal activity


Explain two different celebrations of Islam?

Id-ul-Adha - This is a festival of sacrifce and commemorates the story of Ibrahim and Ismai'il.

Id-Ul -Ghadeer - This is the festival which commemorates the appointment of Imam Ali as successor to Muhammad.


Explain the Importance of the Shadahah for Muslims?

The most important Pillar of Islam
All the other pillars and practices in Islam are based around the key concept of belief in Allah.


Why is Sawm important to Muslims?

It helps Muslims remember the importance of the Qur'an which was revealed during Ramadan

It helps Muslims to learn self discipline


Explain why Salah is important to Muslims?

Brings Muslims closer to Allah
Commanded by Allah


Explain why the ten Obligatory acts are important to Shi'a Muslims?

Guide them how to live their lives
Help them achieve reward of Paradise after death.


Explain the importance of lesser Jihad?

Defend the Religion
Aims to restore peace and freedom


Explain the Importance of the Zakah?

Wealth is a gift from all that should be shared
Frees from greed and selfishness


Explain the difference between Zakah and Khums?

Zakah is one of the Five pillars of Islam
Sunni Muslims believe in Zakah and Shi'a Muslims believe in Khums