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What is the trinity?

The trinity is one god who reveals himself through 3 persons.


What is a creed

The Latin word credo means 'I believe'
The nicene creed is the Is the Christian declaration of faith. So the creed is a summary of its main doctrines


List the nature of god in the trinity

-Catholics believe there is only one god
-Catholics believe the father is god
-Catholics believe the son is god. The word made flesh is Jesus.
-Catholics believe the Holy Spirit is god.


How does how does god reveal himself

-Outside them, father and creator
-beside them, as the son and saviour
-inside them, as the strengthening Holy Spirit


What is baptism

Is the entry rite into the Catholic Church and most Christian churches and denominations.


What is the most important act of worship for Catholics?

Is the mass also called the Eucharist


What is a doctrine?

A doctrine is anything that one person teaches to another. The church passes on the its doctrines to help people better understand god,themselves and their life.


What is apostolic tradition

Reflecting on traditions and beliefs used over time.


What does the nicene creed say about the trinity?

-That Jesus, the Holy Spirit were constitutional with the father


What was the first ecumenical council?

Council of Nicaea


What is creation?

TO create means to give existence to a thing that does not exist. Only god creates, he is the "creator of heaven and earth"


Where is the creation found in the bible?

In genesis 1-3, genesis 1 is more of an overview of the first 6 days and the sixth day is detailed in genesis 2 when god created humans and placed them in the garden of Eden. Genesis 3 states that humans had the free will to eat the poisonous fruit and they did.


Divergent understandings of creation

Creationists are Christians that interpret the creation story literally
Other christians view it as a myth and incorporate scientific theories to help understand the origins of the universe.


What is the significance of the creation account for Catholics?

-god as a creator
-god as benevolent
-god as omnipotent
-god as omniscient


What is humanity?

It means the human race, it describes the creation of human and the power and responsibility god gives them.


What does humans being created in the imago dei mean?

Imago dei means the image of god in Latin. This is important for Catholics because they believe that although human beings are not divine, they possess a relationship with god. Being created in gods image gives human dignity.


5 ways humans are an example of the image of god

- humans are rational
- humans have free will and conscience
- humans can relate to god
- humans can give and receive love
- humans are answerable to god


How does this make us different to animals?

-We have the intelligence to find their way to god.
-We have the ability to choose between right and wrong, have an absolute moral authority.
-We have the potential to enter a relationship with god
-We have the ability to achieve happiness as we can produce love.
-We must serve god as we embody him


What Is dominion? What is stewardship? How does it apply to the creation story?

Dominion means the authority to rule and stewardship means to care and love something. In the creation story we are meant to dominion and to be stewards of creation. This means that god trusts us to be masters over nature and expects them to rule with consideration and compassion.


The understandings of stewardship

Humanists do not believe that god granted humans stewardship over creation but believe it is our moral responsibility, as this is in the best interests of humanity.


Incarnation means

'Enfleshment,it refers to god becoming a human being in Jesus. Jesus is 100% god and 100% human.


Why is the incarnation important for Catholics?

Catholics believe that human beings may become divine through sharing in Jesus' life thought the church and we are invited to share in the life of Christ by the sacraments and life of the church.


The paschal mystery is

Jesus' passion,death,resurrection and ascension. H


What is salvation

The Catholic Church teaches that salvation was completed by Jesus, this was to restore gods relationship with humans after we turned to sin.


What is redemption

Is a metaphor used to explain how the paschal mystery brought about salvation for humanity.


What is Justification

It explains how humans are joined again in a relationship with god.


What the catholic church teach about the passion of Jesus

The church believes that Jesus' life reads four reasons for his presence:
- 'the word became flesh for us in order to save us' (ccc 457)
-'the word became flesh so that we might know gods love' (ccc 458)
-'the word became flesh to be our model of holiness' (ccc 459)
-'the word became flesh to make us partakers of the divine nature' (2 peter 1:4) Jesus was sent to share the grace of god.


What does the Catholic Church teach about the death of Jesus

-the gospels relate a spiritual battle between Jesus and the powers that oppose him e.g.: cowardice, corruption etc.
-Jesus did not behave in the same way but responded with forgiveness. 'Father forgive them;for they know not what they do' (Luke 23:34)
-Christians believe that Jesus erased the sins of the world with gods mercy because it was god himself who died in the cross.


What does the Catholic Church teach about the resurrection of Jesus

-Christians are found on the fact of the resurrection of Jesus
-the resurrection proves that Jesus Is god
-the resurrection is not a past event, but a present event. Jesus is risen.
-Christ had a transformed risen body, so will humans after death


What does the Catholic Church teach about ascension of Jesus

-it leads the way to haven and prepares the way for human to follow him
-the ascension was necessary so that the Holy Spirit could come at Pentecost and continue Jesus' work in the church.


How does the paschal mystery bring about human salvation?

It saves humans from ternary death and separation from god. The passion and death allowed the redemption of humanity.


What is regarded as the beginning of the Christian church

Pentecost, this is where the Holy Spirit came me down from heaven and gave the apostles their evangelizing mission to proclaim and live out the gospel.


Why is the Holy Spirit important

Jesus told the disciples that the Holy Spirit will come in his place: this suggests that it had a particular role in the salvation meaning we can have an even more intimate relationship with the father and with Jesus.


The Holy Spirit today

For Catholics,the Holy Spirit makes the bodily present to all those who receive him in the Eucharist and the spirit is the most intimate connection, the bond of intense love between the father father and the son.


Paschal mystery brought free will but

This does not mean everyone is automatically saved. The concept of free will means that god can only offer salvation; it is up to the individual to accept that offer. The choice is to live by and exemplify the teachings of Jesus.


The significance of the salvation

For Catholics, the mass and the sacramental life of the church are sources for experiencing salvation necessary to continue Jesus' saving mission today.


Paschal mystery in relation to the Eucharist

Catholics believe that the Holy Spirit changes the bread and wine into the real presence of Christ.
-participating in the Eucharist is a sign of acceptance of god's offer of salvation
-it is a bestowal of gods grace through the presence of Jesus in the sacrament, strengthening the individual in their faith and love.


What is eschatology?

Eschatology I'd the study of last things for a human life and soul


What Catholics believe about life after death

They believe that life after death is not only cause by Jesus but found in him. Catholics believe they share in eternal life after death because they are part of the body of Christ. They believe it is explained in the paschal mystery, however our soul passes through fist judgment to determine whether individuals are able to enter heaven.


What is judgement

St. Paul suggests that judgement will be a reality for everyone and answerable to god for what they have done with the gift of life.


What are the two types of judgement

Particular and general
(First and last judgement)


Whats the day of judgement

The day of judgement refers to the end of time when general or last judgement will be made. Every persons earthly body will be resurrected and reunited with their soul whether they are in heaven, purgatory or hell.


What is the nature of the resurrection

The Catholic Church teaches that resurrection I when a persons soul is united with their glorified body.


What is heaven

It is eternal life with god, this is a goal of the Catholic faith. It's is a state of being in which everything that is not love passes away.


What is hell

Hell is not a positive punishment to make humans suffer. Hell is the absence of god, no love or community.


What is purgatory

Catholics believe purgatory is a stage of purification. To purify sins committed by those faithful to god.


Divergent views on escathology

Most Protestant or evangelical Christians groups do not agree with the catholic idea of purgatory because they believe that purgatory is unnecessary.


Why is the study of eschatology important

The Catholic Church teaches that humans will probably not appris life in this world until they realise that it is a fragile gift that one day will end. This reminds Catholics they should live consciously as Catholics today, every choice matters and adds up on the day of death and judgement.