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What is the role of church buildings?

They are a place of worship where communities regularly gather to celebrate their faith.


How church design reflects belief

-Churches are built facing east pointing to the belief that Jesus rose from the dead and brought new life, as the sun rises in the east.
-Many churches are cruciform, shaped like a cross. This reflects the symbol of the church.
-Round churches are said by some to represent eternity.
-Octagonal churches reflect a star bringing light into the world.
-Churches are often vaulted inside, creating an open space suggesting a greater connection with heaven.
-Stained glass windows tell stories from the bible.


How churches are used

The main service of the Catholic Church is the mass, this is the sacrament of the Eucharist.
-Other uses
Most Catholics use it throughout the day for private prayer, people may use votive Candles. Others may visit the tabernacle, to feel physically close to Jesus.


The lecterns purpose

-it is a key part of the liturgy because of the scripture
-priests and lectors read passages from the bible, homily and other prayers.
-Catholics believe the bible is the word of god where he communicates his plan to salvation. The lecture is the communication.


The altars purpose

-it represents the table at the last supper as well as serving as a reminder of the altar of sacrifice in the temple of Jerusalem.
-Altars are made out of stone, god told Moses to build an altar from stone and the New Testament repeats this by the idea of 'on this rock I will build my church'
-the sacrifice of Jesus offers redemption from sin and reminds them of a possibility of salvation.


The crucifixes purpose

-Catholics look to the crucifix as a reminder of Jesus' sacrifice and his love.


The tabernacles purpose

-As Catholics we believe that Jesus is truly present in the blessed Sacrament.
-A sanctuary lamp is nearby as it reminds us of Jesus' presence
-Moses kept the Ten Commandments in the tabernacle, reminding Catholics of the link between the old and the new covenants.


The baptismal fonts purpose

-this is the sacrament of initiation, baptism takes place here.
-In the font, holy water washes away original sin and brings sanctifying grace to ones soul.


Other features of the church

-the confessional, this is used for the sacrament of reconciliation
-the stations of the cross,this is another reminder of Jesus' death and suffering.
-statues, visual aids to assist worship.
-water stoup, is to remind the congregation about baptism and the belief in the trinity.


What are sacred objects?

Sacred objects are items used during the liturgy and included sacred vessels. The catechism states that the cross,images of Jesus,Mary,angels and saints are to be exhibited in the holy churches of god,on sacred vessels.


Examples of sacred vessels

-the chalice (cup)
-the paten (plate)
-the ciborium (covered dish) placed in the tabernacle.


What are objects of devotion

These are objects that can be used to show your obedience and are used for non liturgical worship.


Sarcophagi is..

A box-like container for a corpse usually carved in stone and displayed above ground,though it may also be buried.these are objects of devotion as they are a physical reminder of the occupant. Catholics can focus their prayers on the individual and ask for intercession.


Hunger cloths are..

Used to tell stories in the bible, they are still use in developing countries. It symbolises that god is with them though each struggle.


Why are sacred vessels important?

They are a very important part of the sacrament of The Eucharist as they symbolise the body and blood of Christ focusing the congregation devotion to Jesus.


Meaning and significance of artwork

It is a visual expression of faith and helps to portray the teachings of the church.


Catholic art purpose

Used to express belief in love and glory of god
Used for prayer and meditation
Used for theological decisions


Examples of Catholic art

-Sistine chapel
-return of the prodigal son


Statues significance

They are used as an aid in prayer, not seen as idols
Statues are treated as sacred objects and therefore dedicated to god
They are a way of remembering individuals,saints and stories


Where are statues usually located

They are used in the home to focus prayer and a reminder of their faith
In churches, they usually have a separate altar for Mary


How is imagery used

Early imagery was deliberately subtle to avoid detection
As Christianity grew it remained an important part of worship, expresses belief and faith


The crucifix

The crucifix reminds Christians of Jesus' death and resurrection


The ichthus

Is a fish drawn in the sand and was a secret symbol because of its connection to the apostles.


The chi rho

First two letters of the Greek word for Christ, it is used to address Jesus


The dove

It is a symbol of both the Holy Spirit and baptism


The eagle

Is a symbol of Jesus' divine nature


Alpha and omega

First and last letters of the Greek alphabet, these represents the eternal nature of Christ


The evangelists

These are 4 gospel writers linked to 4 creatures. An angel,lion,ox and an eagle.


How is drama used

This is an exciting or emotional event. They usually act out out a bible story and it engages Christians . It was traditionally used in medieval times.


What are the two types of plays

-Mystery-based on miracles and tableaux
-Passion- tells Christians about the life of Jesus mainly around lent


How do you express belief through drama

It's used to bring reality to the bible stories and is an act of worship


How is music used

Music is used to connect parts of the liturgy and is an important part of worship as it is a form of prayer


Types of music

-Hymns - is a religious song
-plainchant - this is chanting
-psalms - these are songs both in the tenait and the bible


How does music express belief

-it allows the whole congregation to express beliefs together
-they explain core teachings, helping Christians understand and remember them