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How have attitudes to women's/men's roles changed?

• people more accepting of women working, e.g. 100 yrs ago only 15% of married women worked. Bc of WWI&II men went to fight leaving more positions for women ∴ fewer people expect women to just stay at home
• women take bigger part in politics, e.g. +31s got vote 1918 and +21s in 1928 ∴ now women have a legally recognised voice in politics
• women taking higher U positions in clergy, e.g. CofE ordained 1992 ∴ women playing bigger part in both secular and religious soc
• men expected to take greater role in child care, e.g. 2015 shared parental leave introduced ∴ view changed from past when it was just women's job to raise children


What are christians views on women having equal rights in religion?

• Evangelical: nope. Men head of fam + women shouldn't be ministers/priests. Bible "I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man"∴ women should be subservient to men
• CofE: should be equal. St Paul- "Their is neither...male nor female for you are all one person in Christ". Also, jesus had female followers, e.g. Mary, martha. Mary was first to find Jesus after resurrection 1992 Synod allowed women to be ordained ∴ equal
• RCC: equal (same status in God's eyes) but different. Women can't be priests as Jesus only chose men for apostles to spread his word. Pope John Paul II "equal dignity though in different ways" ∴ different roles
• Quakers: everyone equal. Don't have ordained clergy ∴ anyone can given spiritual leadership


How is the UK a multi-ethnic society?

• 81.9% white british, in England 79.8%
• people from britain's empire allowed to settle here, and slaves who arrived here set free
• traditionally accepted those suffering persecution, e.g. Jews in WWII
• in 1940s-50s many people from Commonwealth came here
• recently, many people from E Europe have come here (600,000 2004-6)


What are the benefits of a multi-ethnic society?

• greater access to other cultures e.g. Diwali, Notting Hill Carnival ∴ learn more about the world you live in
• brings skills and ideas from other countries
• diversity brings greater freedom to society, e.g. Choice of religion is wider


What are the problems of a multi-ethnic society?

• still racism on streets and in institutions, e.g. Stephen Lawrence enquiry
• people feel like there is loss of cultural identity ∴ cab lead to hate crime in unchecked
• segregation of communities e.g. Those who cant speak english living in small groups ∴ lack of integration
• different cultures have different values and can cause friction, e.g Birmingham Race Riots 2005 between Caribbean and British Asian communities


What has the government done to achieve community cohesion?

• race relations act 1976. Made it illegal to discriminate based on race/colour/nationality, to U se threatening or abusive language in public, and to publish anything which could cause racial hatred. ∴ reduces discrimination
• expanded this after SL inquiry. 2001 Race Relations Act: people who feel discriminated against by police/public authorities can take them to court ∴ makes these institutions accountable
• support immigrants, e.g. Offering english language classes ∴ helps integration
• educate young people, e.g. Via compulsory PSHCE lessons on promoting values of inclusive citizenship ∴ in future community will be more cohesive


How does a christian church help asylum seekers and immigrants?

Assist Sheffield- helps destitute asylum seekers near Sheffield
• help in LT by assisting people applying for asylum
• raise awareness, e.g. Events + talks ∴ more people aware of refugees' plight and help
• practical support, e.g. Providing night shelters for those sleeping rough
• works with St Thomas Church. 'Open Hands' project provides accommodations and small weekly grants ∴ helping them become more independent


Why do christians help?

• we're all created equal, "there is neither jew nor Greek.for you are all one in jesus christ" ∴ we must help others and fight discrim
• we're all neighbours "Am i my brother's keeper?"∴ Xtians have responsibility to look after other people
• jesus helped those on edge of soc, e.g. Lepers ∴ Xtians should follow his example and help outcast, e.g. Refugees
• bible tells us to love others, "love thy neighbour as yourself" ∴ show love to immigrants by helming them


How is the UK a multi-faith society?

• Elizabeth I made england CofE but allowed other churches to exist
• heresy stopped being a crime in 1671. People were allowed to worship freely
• non-conformity were given the same political rights in 1827. Applied to RCC in 1829 and Jews in 1858
• in 20th century britain became multi faith with many non-conformists coming to britain as immigrants


What are some of the benefits of living in a multi faith society?

• gives people greater tolerance and understanding of others beliefs, e.g. Brexit, in countryside more anti immigration ∴ suggesting not v multi faith ∴ important to be exposed to other religions to understand each other
• varied and rich cultural life, e.g. Ppl can join in religious festivals like Diwali ∴ you can enjoy yourself in ways you otherwise wouldn't
• gives you a deeper understanding of your own religion, e.g. Info that consolidates your beliefs ∴ can help develop your views
• widens your knowledge, e.g. Exposed to new ideas ∴ MF soc makes you learn and thunk about what you know


What are some issues raised by a multi-faith society?

• members of a religious fam may want to convert ∴ may upset rest o fam who are devoted to that religion
• bringing up children can be difficult, e.g. Fam may disagree if child has been exposed to different ideas ∴ can cause conflict within a fam
• people may want to have interfaith marriages, other may not approve ∴ can cause conflict within fam
• sometimes hatred towards a religion, e.g. Islamophobia, hatred of people wearing hijas etc. ∴ can make religious ppl uncomfortable w their religion if their views are clashing with the rest of society


Why should christians help to promote racial harmony?

• bible teaches that everyone equal "there is neither Jew nor Greek...for you are all one in Christ" ∴ since racism treats people as unequal, goes against bible
• christian figures have promoted racial harmony, e.g. Martin luther king worked for equal rights ∴ he is a role model for Christians
• catholic church encourages racial harmony, e.g. CC has spoken out against it, calling it incompatible w god's design ∴ RCCs should follow their lead and work for racial harmony
• jesus's teaching support this, e.g. Good samaritan ➯ mixed race man from samaria hero of the story ∴ since jesus said its important to held those oppressed, Christians should follow and promote harmony


What is exclusivism?

• the idea that christianity is the only true religion
• e.g. Evangelicals
• Jesus was god in human form and payed for everyone's since. ∴ only way to be saved is through jesus
• "No one comes to the father except through me"


What is inclusivism?

• while all religions can help people reach God, Christianity is the only religion with the full truth.
• when people hear about Jesus and accept salvation they are simply confirming something about them that was already true
• "the catholic church recognises in other religions that search, among others and images, for the God who is unknown yet near" catechism


What is pluralism?

• although all religions are different and promote different views they are all equal
• Quakers
• jesus himself never tried to convert the jews
• "in my fathers house are many rooms" ∴ there is room for all religions


How do religions work to promote community cohesion in the UK?

• organises activities for Asylmum seekers to learn about culture, e.g. RESTORE Birmingham churches visits to museums, concerts ∴ integrates newcomers + makes lives happier
• religious groups join together to explore way to help community cohesion, e.g. 1987 Inter Faith Network set up to promote good relations ∴ herald divisions, more harmonious soc
• some groups working to help interfaith marriages, e.g. Some prot churches and jewish synagogues have services for mixed faith couples+offer advice ∴ reduces conflict within fam and com cohesion
• many faith schools in UK, 6580 christian state schools and 7 islamic ∴ since they are learning abt different religions this breaks down barriers and encourages com cohesion


Was the Vicar of Dibley fair to religious people?

• some feel it handled issue well and showed modern Xtian view of acceptance, as she was accepted eventually by com
• some felt it did not handle issue well as presented those against the idea as intolerant sexists though they have a good religious reason for this
• others though that while the issue is imp, the vicar was too liberal who didn't live up to xtian standards, e.g. Pre marital sex


How can interfaith marriages cause problems?

• family may not approve, e.g. Bible says "do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers"
• may disagree over which religion to bring up children in, e.g. Muslims believe all children should be brought up muslim
• one partner may want other to convert, e.g. In RCC other partner encourages to convert


Do government laws lead to community cohesion? (For/against)

For: • values of community cohesion and citizenship compulsory in PSHCE lessons
• race relations act 2001
• race relations act 1976
Against: • only ban discrimination not prejudice ∴ people still racist
• in past christian people have been persecuted as a result of gov laws, e.g. in 18th centre Catholics banned from voting, sitting in parliament or having learned professions
• government and public offices may be institutionally racist, e.g. Stephen Lawrence equiry


Why should interfaith marriages be accepted?

• it would reduce conflict in families
• love is more important than faith
• faith is enriched by discussing differences with one another