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Lactic acid glycolytic system

Anaerobic system use for activities which lasts from 30 seconds to three minutes, the system uses energy from the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose, glucose provides quick energy via glycolysis


When do we use the glycolytic system?

800 m sprint run, 200 m swim, mix activities such as soccer or hockey which involve continuous and explosive movements


When do we use the oxidative system?

For activities that last long periods of time, for rest, for lower intensity continuous activities, during recovery times between higher intensity efforts


What is oxygen deficient

In the first few minutes of exercise the body may feel fatigue, the anaerobic glycolysis cannot provide enough energy. The amount of O2 required to perform an activity versus the amount initially available


What is oxygen debt

The amount of oxygen consumed during recovery versus what is normally consumed at rest, hire exercise intensity's will require a longer recovery periods.


What happens in the body during recovery

Along with restoring oxygen debt, recovery includes replenishing fuel stores and removing byproducts too, resynthesis of ATP 3 to 5 minutes, Resynthesis of CP eight minutes, restoration of glycogen 24 to 48 hours sooner if carbs ingested, removal of lactic acid 30 to 60 minutes


ATP – CP system

And aerobic system use one body needs greater than or equal to three seconds of ATP stores, provides enough ATP production for approximately 30 seconds of activity