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Christian and Jewish catacomb paintings

loose brush
late 4th century
depict religious anecdotes
drawn in the dark, fixed more on message than visible beauty


Constantine (the guy, this is not art. he's just a guy)

legitimized christianity
divided rome into two capitols
306 CE


first temple in jerusalem

holds the ark of the covenant
destroyed by the babylonians, ark stolen 586 bce
rebuilt later when jew's homeland was returned to them, restored in like 30 bce


sarcophagus of junius bassus

two registers, elaborate figural scenes, high relief?? partially roman style still, columns, equestrian figures,
sarcophagus of a roman official who was babtised on his death bed, lived pagan, died christian


byzantines (as a people. not art just people)

they are past rome and greece, it's that middle land. u kno wher it is


hagia sophia

in 532 ce, constantinople, both longitudinal and central architecture elements, beautiful inside, plain outside, christian symbolism, lots of lights and windows, bigger dome than pantheon


emperor justinian and empress theodora/attendents

san vitale: octagonal, built after a saint, i=unification of church and state, etc

mosaic in san vitale. etherial, they seem to float, cluster of heads, less realism


chi-rho-iota page, book of kells

late 8th century, scotland, oxgau ink on vellum, made by monks in their little monk villages that i forget the name of, really ornate and stuff i guess


doors in bishop bernward, st michaels hildesheim

huge ass bronze doors in germany, cast all in one piece, impressively, registers depict bible stuff, sixteen feet high, around 1025 ce


cathedral complex, pisa

contains leaning tower of pisa. notable example of romanesque churches. domes, barrel vaulting, heavy, dark, oppressive atmosphere, few windows


tympanum: the last judgment

at the saint lazare church. grotesque, apocalyptic mood, 1120-30 ce, depicts The Final Judgment of getting into heaven or hell. pretty scary actually


bayeux embroidery

200 feet long embroidery, made in 1066-82 and tells the stories of william the conqueror. currently rests in canterbury


chartres cathedral

beginning of gothic art, flying buttresses, lots of windows, pointed arches, high tower things, rose windows and stained glass.


visitation jamb statues

central portal, right side, west facade. door jamb statues. shows different styles of the different artists who worked on it. much more realistic, beginnings of enlightenment, no longer scary or apocalyptic, it's nice stuff