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Explain 2 ways church architecture reflects belief

- all churches will include a nave - implying catholics believe they’re in Christ’s boat being steered to heaven

- all churches have a sanctuary - a reminder of gods sacredness, the priest will go from the sanctuary to the nave representing gods movement to humanity


Explain two ways the church contributes to catholic worship (swa)

- space - where catholics hear the word of god and receive the Eucharist

- most churches open throughout the day, aiding catholic worship by making them feel close to god

“A church...ought to be in good taste and a worthy place for prayer” - CCC


Explain the importance of two internal features of churches for catholics

- altar - priest consecrates Eucharist representing last supper

- lectern - book stand, scripture is a key feature of the mass, through the word of god we can learn to be like Jesus and achieve eternal salvation


Explain how two internal church features can facilitate catholic worship

- crucifix - reminded of gods love and remember his sacrifice

- baptismal font - during baptism, babies are baptised in the ‘name of the father and son and holy spirit’


Explain the purpose of two sacred objects

Hunger cloths in Middle Ages covered the altar, covered in bible stories to teach people who couldn’t read

Sarcophagi - box like container for a corpse - most popes in basilica are buried in one


Explain how two sacred objects are used to express catholic beliefs (swa)

Sarcophagi- represent catholic belief in bodily resurrection, were carved with images of Lazarus or jairus’ daughter

Sacred vessels - belief in transubstantiation - Jesus becomes present


Explain two ways that artwork can help catholics understand their faith better (and examples)

- portray key teachings of the church eg. Andrei rublev portrays trinity

- bring the significance of bible stories to life more eg Michael Angelo’s shows relationship between god and humanity


Explain two ways statues and sculptures can be used in catholic worship

Good Friday - kiss the feet of Jesus on the cross this adoration is an expression of thanksgiving

Most churches have a number of statues of the saints - direct their prayers, ask for help


Explain two reasons sculpture and statues are important to catholics (swa)

- used to teach the illiterate and were a way of symbolising key beliefs

- a way of honouring our talents showing devotion to god

‘Art is a form of practical wisdom, uniting knowledge and skill’


‘Statues are a form of idolatry worship’
Give 3 agree and 2 disagree reasons

- 10 commandments
- reformation
- can be seen to worship the saint

- god commands construction of statues in ot
- council of Trent confirmed it isn’t


Explain how two symbols express catholic belief

- dove symbolises Holy Spirit - shows Holy Spirit is the bringer of hope and new life

- ichthus - imagery of fish has obvious connections with apostles ‘fishers of men’ and feeding of 5000


Explain how two symbols of the church are used today

Alpha and omega - eternity of Christ - found on paschal candle

Ichthus - identify Christianity today - bumper stickers or company logos


Explain two ways drama can be used to express belief

- bring realism so the audience can connect more with the events depicted
(Passion plays make Jesus’ suffering more significant for catholics)

- participants see it as a way to connect with their faith, expresses their commitment


Explain why some Catholics may see drama as a secular activity and not worship (2)

- some have been modernised, added comedy, sacredness of the play being portrayed is lost

- performed in public places rather than churches, reverence of audience isn’t the same


Explain two ways music is a part of worship for catholics

Hymns - praise/adoration

Psalms - songs from OT, daily catholic worship


Explain two ways music can express belief

- can connect to their history

- hymns taken from scripture, a way of remembering scripture


“Traditional worship is preferable for catholics to use in worship”

Give 3 agree and 3 disagree reasons

- better focus on scripture
- connect with history
- connects to order of liturgy

- more expressive
- focus more on praise/adoration than scripture
- more appealing for youth