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Explain 2 beliefs about the trinity that come from the nicene creed (swa)

- 3 persons and all are god; “god the father”...”lord Jesus Christ” and “the Holy Spirit, lord...”

- despite there being 3 persons, they are all united as one God


Explain two reasons why the trinity is important

Shows how god has revealed himself to us over time:
-father = outside
-son = beside
-Holy Spirit = inside

Demonstrates the mystery of god to us: 3 persons but only one god


Explain two ways the trinity is reflected in catholic worship

During baptism, baptised (sign of the cross)

In the mass the priest prays to the father to bring the son (through the Eucharist) by the power of the Holy Spirit


Explain 2 reasons why it is important for Catholics to believe in the trinity (2swa)

The creed says that there is ‘only one god’ and each person of the trinity is lord. - statement of faith

Can be seen in the baptism of Jesus-
“The Spirit of god descending... and a voice from heaven saying ‘this is my beloved son.’ “ (matthew3j


Explain 2 historical developments in the doctrine of the trinity

The first Council of Nicea affirmed the belief that Jesus was consubstantial with god. He was truly eternal and truly god

The first council of Constantinople affirms that the Holy Spirit is the third person of god


Explain the nature of creation in the account of genesis

God creates out of nothing

When god creates humans, Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit resulting in the fall of man (banished from the garden of Eden)


Explain the importance of the creation stories in understanding the nature of god (4)

-God is a creator ‘let there be light’
-benevolent (free will)
-God is eternal ‘spirit of god moving over the waters’
-God is omnipotent (creates by word)


“All Christians believe the same thing about creation”
Give 3 agree and 3 disagree reasons

-all Christians believe god is the creator of the universe
-all Christians believe god created humans
-all believe the genesis account is important

-Catholics believe metaphorical/creationists believe literal
-Catholics believe evolution/creationists believe Adam and Eve
-creationists believe exact wog/Catholics believe truths


Explain 2 ways human beings are said to bear the image of god

Human beings are rational - they can find their way to god by reflecting on the world around them

Human beings have free will and conscience - unique gifts given by god to help them choose right from wrong and eternal life


Explain 2 teachings that come from the genesis creation of humanity

Dominion - god created humans with reason and conscience which gives them rule of his creation

Stewardship - humans are expected to care for the world and therefore they must rule with compassion and consideration


Explain the secular understanding of stewardship (3)

Humanists do not believe in god and therefore reject the idea that humans have been given dominion

They do believe that humans should care for the planet as it is in the best interest of humanity

They appreciate the happiness that contact with nature can bring


Explain 2 teachings about the concept of the incarnation from Catholicism (2swa)

Means ‘enfleshment of god’ - refers to god taking human form as jesus
“The word became flesh and dwelt among us”

Jesus is both fully god and fully human at the same time
“The word was god”


Explain 2 examples of Jesus claiming to be the incarnation

Book of John Jesus refers to himself as ‘I am’ implying he is god (the name god revealed to Moses in the Old Testament

Jesus refers to himself as the son of man, and “lord of the sabbath”


Explain the importance of believing in the incarnation for Catholics

Clarifies that Jesus is the saviour who can bring us eternal life

God can become flesh in the Eucharist to bring us spiritual nourishment


“Jesus is not the incarnation”

Give 3 agree and 3 disagree reasons

- many of the Jewish priests did not believe he fulfilled scripture
- Arius rejected the belief that Jesus was god
- he referred to god as father

- he refers to himself as ‘i am’ in book of John
- refers to himself as the son of man
- “lord of the sabbath”


Explain two events in the paschal mystery

Jesus rose from the dead after 3 days - proves he is god and humans can have life after death

The ascension is significant because it’s the letting go of Jesus so the Holy Spirit can come at Pentecost


Explain 2 ways the paschal mystery can bring redemption for Catholics

Through the life of Jesus we can be redeemed by following in his footsteps - catechism tells us god became flesh to save us

Through the death of Jesus by the crucifixion we can be redeemed as through this action Jesus erased the sins of humanity with god’s mercy


Explain the significance of the paschal mystery for Catholics today (2) + swa

Through Jesus’ death, all sins erased but due to free will this must be a chosen gift. sacrament of reconciliation so Catholics can freely accept salvation

Ascension - Christ comes to earth - reveals himself to us - bestowed his grace

“For if I do not go away the counsellor will not come to you”


Explain 2 reasons Catholics believe in the afterlife (swa)

Jesus said “whoever lives and believes in me shall never die”

Jesus rose from the dead


Explain 2 beliefs about the afterlife for Catholics

Catholics believe their soul is reunited with their ‘glorified’ body

They believe in particular judgement and final judgement


“All Christians believe the same thing about life after death”

Give 3 agree and 3 disagree reasons

- all believe in heaven
- all believe in judgement
- all believe the resurrection

- Catholics believe in purgatory/particular judgement
- Catholics believe in bodily resurrection/protestants believe in resurrection of the body you died in
- Catholics believe in eternal hell