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Why evaluate?

Check that users can use the product and they like it, especially if design concept is new.

Now, users look for much more than usability - want a pleasing and engaging experience.


Business and marketing perspective of evaluation. (3)

Feedback about early design ideas.

Major problems fixed before product goes on sale.

Focus on real problems rather than debating each others likes / dislikes.


What to evaluate?

Wide diversity of products gives rise to a range of features that should be evaluated.
Eg. browser - find items faster?
traffic lights - fewer accidents?
toy - can a 6-year-old manipulate, are they engaged, is it safe?


When to evaluate?

Brand-new concept - much time usually on market research and requirements

Upgraded product - usually less scope for change, and attention focused on improving specific aspects. Evaluation may be first step in redesign.

Summative evaluations - assess the success of a finished product.

Formative evaluations - done during the design to check the product continues to meet users' needs.


3 main approaches to evaluation.'

Usability testing.

Field studies.

Analytical evaluation.


Methods of evaluation. (6)

Observing users.

Asking users.

Asking experts.

User testing.


Modeling users' performance.