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What is LAN?

Local Area Network


What are the features of LAN?

  • PCs located usually in the  same building
  • computers connected by cable
  • does not require a modem
  • requires a server


What is WAN?

Wide Area Network


Waht are the features of WAN?

  • the internet is the largest WAN
  • PCs connected by telecomunications or wireless
  • mormally spread over various distant areas
  • requires a modem
  • requires a phone/dedicated line
  • computers/LAN can be large distances apart


What is WLAN?

Wireless Local Area Netweork


What are the features of WLAN?

  • links 2 or more devices using some wireless distribution method
  • usually provides connection throughan access point to the wider internet
  • gives the user the mobuility to move around within a local coverage area and still be connected to the network


What is Bluetooth?

used to connect 2 mobile devices to each other


What is the Internet?

International Network


What are the features of the Internet?

  • is a WAN
  • can access from anywhere
  • greater amount of information
  • unlimited access


What is the Intranet?

Internal Restricted Access Network


What are the features of the Intranet?

  • usually a LAN
  • password controlled pages
  • behind a firewall
  • can set up specific information pages on Intranet systems
  • Information within the school is easily accessible by all users
  • can limit the places where users can go to study
  • no wasted time looking through millions of resources
  • Intranet is better protected for the use of emails/from viruses/from hackers