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Why does someone need a stoma?

1) Malignancy
2) Obstruction
3) disease process
4) neurological impairment
5) Trauma


Define a colostomy

Made from the colon
1.5m long large intestine
Anal canal 3cm
Internal anal sphincter is smooth muscle
External sphincter is striated skeletal muscle
-Slower mass colonic movements in the left descending colon reduces the frequency and force of faecal expulsion
- gas and odur are marked on the right ascending colon due to bacterial and enzymatic activity


Define ileostomy

Made from the ileum
Commonly sited in the terminal ileum
Ileum small intestine 3.6m
Most extensive area of digestion and absorption
Ileal contents alkaline


What are reasons for a permanent ileostomy?

Severe Chrones disease
Ulcerative colitis
Familial adenomatous polyposis


Define urostomy

An opening into the urinary tract with a stoma created on the abdomen


What are the reasons for getting a urostomy?

Malignancy of lower urinary tract
Intractable interstitial cystitis
Neurogenic disorders of the bladder
Trauma to the bladder/urethra
Intractable incontinence
Problematic suprapubic catheter
Congenital anomalies


What pre-op care is need for stomas?

Stoma therapy counselling
Skin care, odur, diet and activity requirements
Application options and collection
Trial of appliance
Siting of the stoma - avoiding creases, bony prominences, scars and belt lines


What post-op care is required for stomas?

Observation of the stoma
Skin care
Application selection and use
How to obtain appliances
Odur control and flatus
Diet & hydration


What are some potential complications of a stoma?

Application leakage
Skin ulceration
Muco-cutaneous separation
Peri or para-stomal hernia
Retraction or flush stoma


What is a stoma?

Refers to any surgically constructed opening onto the bodies surface to facilitate a bodily function