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What happens in Meiosis I stage of spermatogenesis

Primary spermatocytes differentiate into secondary spermatocytes.

DNA replication and crossing over occurs


What happens in Meisis II stage of spermatogenesis 

The secondary spermatocyte differentiates into the spermatid.

The cells change from diploid 2n to haploid n cells


What is spermiogenesis?

the maturation of spermatids into spermatozoa (sperm cell)


Describe the process of meiosis I in female reproductiove system

prophase I -crossing over between non sister chromatids

metaphase I -pairing of homologous chromosomes

anaphase I - separation of homologous chromosomes

telophase I - separation of the rest of the cell 


Describe the different stages of Meiosis II in female reproductive system.

prophase II 

metaphase II

anaphase II

telophase II