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What is Old Faithful and where is it located?

A famous geyser in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


Where is Niagara Falls located?

Niagara Falls makes up part of the international border between the U.S. state of New York and the Canadian province of Ontario.


Which state is the home of the famous Carlsbad Cavern?

New Mexico


What 10 states border on the Mississippi River?

  1. Minnesota
  2. Wisconsin
  3. Iowa
  4. Illinois
  5. Missouri
  6. Kentucky
  7. Arkansas
  8. Tennessee
  9. Mississippi
  10. Louisiana


In which state can one visit Mount Rushmore?

South Dakota


Whose are the four faces on Mt. Rushmore?

  1. George Washington
  2. Thomas Jefferson
  3. Theodore Roosevelt
  4. Abraham Lincoln


The Grand Canyon is in which state and was carved by what river?

It is in Arizona, and was carved by the Colorado River.


What are the names of the eight main Hawaiian islands?

In order of largest to smallest:

  1. Hawai'i
  2. Maui
  3. O'ahu
  4. Kaua'i
  5. Moloka'i
  6. Lana'i
  7. Ni'ihau
  8. Kaho'olawe


What are the two most active volcanoes on the island of Hawai'i?

Kilauea and Mauna Loa


What city is the home of the Gateway Arch?

St. Louis, Missouri


What and where is Monticello?

The estate of Thomas Jefferson, just outside Charlottesville, Virginia


What are the three tallest buildings in America and where are they located?

  1. One world Trade Center in New York City, 1,776 ft (541 m)
  2. Willis Tower (a.k.a. Sears Tower) in Chicago, 1,451 ft (442 m)
  3. 432 Park Avenue in New York City, 1,396 ft (426 m)


Where and what is the Alamo?

  • A fort located in San Antonio, Texas
  • Site of a pivotal battle between Texan settlers and Mexicans during the Texas Revolution in 1836


Where and what is the USS Arizona Memorial?

The USS Arizona Memorial is located at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawai'i. It commemorates the bombing of the battleship USS Arizona during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and is built directly above the sunken remains of the ship.


What is the address of the White House?

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.


What and where is the Continental Divide?

The boundary between watersheds that drain to the Pacific Ocean and those that drain to the Atlantic Ocean.

It begins in northern Alaska, continues through western Canada, follows along the peaks of the Rockies in the United States, and extends all the way through Mexico.


Where is the Mason-Dixon Line and why is it significant?

The Mason-Dixon Line forms the north-south border of Delaware and Maryland, and most of Pennsylvania's southern border. The result of an 80-year border dispute between Maryland and Pennsylvania, it came to represent a cultural boundary between the northern and southern United States.


What mountain range dominates the eastern United States?

The Appalachian Mountains


Name some of the major mountain ranges within the Appalachians.

  • The Green Mountains in Vermont
  • The White Mountains in New Hampshire
  • The Catskills in New York
  • The Alleghenies in Pennsylvania
  • The Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia
  • The Cumberland Mountains in Tennessee



Name some of the major mountain ranges in the western United States, and the states through which they run.

  • The Rocky Mountains (from British Columbia in Canada, though Idaho, Montana, and Colorado, to New Mexico)
  • The Sierra Nevada (California and Nevada)
  • The Cascades (from British Columbia, through Washington and Oregon, to northern California)
  • The Coast Ranges (California)


What and where is the highest mountain peak in America? (It has two names.)

Mt. Denali a.k.a. Mt. McKinley in Alaska; 20,322 ft (6,194 m) above sea level


What and where is the lowest point in America?

Death Valley in eastern California; 282 ft (86 m) below sea level


Where is the Hoover Dam located?

In the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between Arizona and Nevada


Name some of the major rivers in western America.

  • Columbia River (Washington and Oregon)
  • Snake River (Washington to Wyoming)
  • Colorado River (from Colorado to southern California)
  • Rio Grande (originates in Colorado, forms border between Texas and Mexico)
  • Sacramento & San Joaquin Rivers (California)


What is the longest river in America, and through which states does it run?

  • The Missouri River (2500 mi)
  • Runs through Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri


Name some of the major rivers in the eastern United States.

  • Mississippi River
  • Ohio River (western Pennsylvania to southern Illinois)
  • Susquehanna River (New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland)
  • Delaware River (forms western border of New Jersey with Delaware and Pennsylvania)