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How many divisions does it take for tissue culture cell to degerate and refuse to divide further?

After 50 Divisions


What does the Dogma of that time say about further divisions?

After 50 divisions, cells grown outside of the body are immortal.


What is the Iron Law of Aging?

Hayflick Limit - Aging = Slow erosion of telomeres over the course of our lifetimes


How was WI-38 created?

From lung tissue from an aborted fetus in Stockholm. Verified free from cancer and hereditary diseases


Plotkin at Wistar did what?

Used WI-38 to develop a Vaccine for Rubella


How to grow viruses for vaccines?

Many grown in eggs; thats why they ask if you're allergic to eggs before being injected.


How was the other branch of NIH developed?

In Monkey Cells. Side effect was joint pain, swelling, and no lasting protection.


Who's vaccine won approval?

WI-38 went on to produce vaccines against rabies, adenovirus


What did H do in 1968?

Stole ampules of frozen human cells form Wistar Institute at U of Philadelphia and left for his new home at Stanford


Who was Mrs X?

She was four months pregnant and had no knowledge of her aborted fetus was dissected and sent to Winstar.


Viruses grown in tissue culture cells are

Progressively weaker and safer than vaccine


Cell line created used to produce vaccine protected more than...

300 million people worldwide