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What are 3 key principles in NSYS ( National Standards for Youth Sports) ?

Principle 1: Place athletes' interests before yours.

Principle 2: Be a role model

Principle 3: Have fun; Winning isn't everything


What are the 9 standards for NSYS (National Standards for Youth Sports)

Under Principle 1: Place athletes' interests before yours

Standard 1 Equal opportunity--- Standard 2 Safety ---Standard 3 Proper equipment


Under Principle 2: Be a role model

Standard 4 Values ---Standard 5 Parental involvement--- Standard 6: Adequate Qualification


Under Principle 3 : Have Fun; Winning isnt everything

Standard 7 Positive Experiences ---Standard 8 Holistic Development--- Standard 9 No Harmful Substances


What are the core values of the Olympic Movement by the IOC ( International Olympic Committee)?

  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Friendship

   (Elephant Run Free)


What are the 4 core values of the Paralympic?

D.I.C.E Determination Inspiration Courage Equality


Sport Singapore Coach's Code of Ethics?

Respect for individual

Responsible coaching 

Integrity in actions


Avoid sexual intimacy with your athlete ....Get athletes to seek medical help when needed...Upgrade your skills...Recognise your limits, are examples of WHICH Principle under the SportSG coach's code of ethnic

Responsible coaching


Abide by the rule of your sport...Behave professionally in dress, language, manner....State your qualifications accurately...Inform fellow coaches when working with their athlete...Be honest with athlete, dont give false hope...are some examples of WHICH Principle under the SportSG coach's code of ethnic?

Integrity in action


Be sensitive with feedback; focus on the performance not the person....

Respect for individual


What are the benefits of having a well developed coaching philosophy?

Help to make difficult decisions,

resolve ethical dilemma

Removes uncertainty in any areas of coaching

Provide direction and resistance against external pressure


What are some positive values inculcate through sport?

Perseverance, leadership, goal-setting, problem solving, strategic thinking, time management, communication, decision making


Weinberg and Gould (2011) identified POSITIVE behavior learnt through sport, name one.

Respect and concern for social convention, e.g. shake hands after a match


Respect and concern for rules and officials


Respect and show concern for opponents


Full commitment towards participation


Drugs facts that coaches should be educated on

Types of drugs, alcohol and steriods


Symptoms of use


Potential consequences


Legal status



Dietary supplement that has been banned and determined to be dangerous



One of the most common strength type of supplements is a naturally produced substance in our bodies in the liver, kidney and pancreas -helps to increase muscle mass and power Risks include: cramps, muscle strains, electrolyte imbalance and stomach problem


Most common types of Steroid used

testosterone, androstenedion (andro), human growth hormones (HGH) and others



Signs of Steroid use

Increase in acne (for females)

Baldness (for men)

Lowering voices

Increase in facial hair

Increase in fitness and performance too rapidly

Damaging of internal organs

Many others


What is the primary responsibilities of ADS (Anti-doping Singapore)?



(a)Plan, coordinate and implement an effective doping control programme;

(b)Advocate doping-free sport in Singapore through education programmes;

(c)Monitor NSA (National Sports Associations) for their compliance with the Anti-Doping Policy of Singapore, the ADS Anti-Doping Rules, and the WADA Code;

(d)Pursue all potential anti-doping rule violations within its jurisdiction;

(e)Encourage reciprocal testing between national anti-doping organisations; and

(f)Promote anti-doping research.


 Athlete has the right to request for a delay in reporting to the doping control station , under some circumstances, name 1 valid reason (for in-competition testing).


For In-Competition Testing:

Participate in a victory ceremony

Fulfill media commitments

Compete in further competitions

Perform a warm down

Obtain necessary medical treatment

Locate a representative and/or interpreter

Obtain photo identification

Any other exceptional circumstances which may be justified, and which shall be documented


Under what kind of circumstances can an athlete request for a delay in reporting to doping control station (out of comepetition testing)?

 For Out-of-Competition Testing:

  • Locate a representative
  • Complete a training session
  • Obtain necessary medical treatment
  • Obtain photo identification
  • Any other exceptional circumstances which may be justified, and which shall be documented



When to submit the TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) Application Form?


If Substance or Method is Prohibited only In-Competition, submit TUE application at least 30 days prior to participating in an event.


If Substance or Method is Prohibited Both In- and Out-of-Competition, submit TUE application as soon as the medical condition is diagnosed.


Who to submit the TUE to? 



Submit to ADS for ADS Registered and Domestic Testing Pools and all other athletes not in any testing pool.


Submit to your International Federation for International-level athletes.


what are the benefit of having a coaching philosophy according to Martens(2004)?

Resolve ethical dilemmas


Removes uncertainty in the area of coaching


Gives direction 


Resistence against external pressure


When designing sports programmes, what are the 3 categories that the Game for Life Framework by Sport Singapore (2013) intentionally wanted coaches to inculcate?


1 Values and Attributes (performance, social, moral)


2. Development plateforms (Games and sport activities, Role learning)


3. Actions by instructors to Check, Act and Reinforce


How does a substance become Banned?


If the substance meet any 2 of the following 3 criteria...

  • Potential to enhance sports performance
  • Represent an actual or potential health risk to the athlete
  • Violates the Spirit of Sport


 How do you test for drugs?




levels natural


what are the reasons against doping?

Four rights to protect: clean athlete,Healthy and Safe Competition, Spirit of Sport and Society

Peronal Intergrity

Equal chance of winning if rules are followed





What is a typical Sample Collection procedure for urine?

  1. Athlete selection
  2. Notification
  3. Report to Doping Control
  4. Selection of urine collection vessel, out of 3 choices
  5. Provide urine sample
  6. Selection of urine sample collection kit.
  7. Splitting and sealing the urine in 2 samples, 60ml and 30ml
  8. Measure specific gravity
  9. Complete doping control form, without indication of personal infor
  10. Securing and transporting the sample.


What are the 3 broad categories covered by the Game For Life Framework?


  • Values and Attributes
  • Development platforms
  • Action


 Which of the following are NOT examples of Performance Values and attributes? (hint: there are 3 answers)


Understanding rules/  Sportmanship/  Discipline/  Attentiveness/ Resilience/  Compassion/ Co-operativeness/ Focus/  Diligence / Confidence/ Awareness/  Concentration/  Teachable spirit/ Consistency


Compassion (moral)

Sportmanship (moral)

Co-operativeness (social)






 Which of the following are NOT examples of Social Values and attributes? (hint: there are 5 answers)


Respect/  Accountability/ Honesty/  Commitment/  Fairness/  Competitiveness/  Humility/ Enthusiasm/ Encouraging/  Co-operativeness/  Poise/  Selflessness/ Complying with Rules, Integrity/ Teamwork

Respect, Honesty, Fairness, Complying with Rules, Integrity (moral values)


Which is NOT the vulnerable situation when athletes are tempted to take performance enhancement drugs (PED)? 


Pressure from parents

Performance setbacks



Upcoming career-determining events

Changes to a senior team or clubs

Recovering from injury